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Coach yak is business coaching, spiritual coaching, Life coaching
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“Do I really need to protect my income? What do you think!†With Jeanne Brutman & Tino Vieitez

Do you plan to get sick? Do you plan to become disabled? Do you plan to lose your job? The answer to these and similar questions is obviously no. (...)

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“Do you know how unforgiving your credit scores or ratings can be?†With Jeanne Brutman & Tino Vieitez

Do you know how important your credit is? Bad credit ratings can prevent you from getting the house of your dreams, the car that you want or a (...)

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“Are you in charge of your money? Or is money in charge of you?†With Jeanne Brutman & Tino Vieitez

Cash flow management can be a very daunting proposition. It is the life blood for any household or business. No ifs ands or buts about it. One (...)

  • Category: CULTURE-ARTS
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“Do you know where all your important financial documents are?†With Jeanne Brutman & Tino Vieitez

Have you ever had to locate an important financial document in a pinch? Did you find it? How long did it take? How stressful was the experience? (...)

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“You Tube it’s not just for posting your favorite videos. Now it’s an important tool for your business.†With Toni Loomis & Tino Vieitez

When you think of You Tube, you think of old music videos, TV shows, cartoons or just plain silliness. But it has a huge following. What would be (...)

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