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P O D C A S T :  Security Now!

A weekly look at security issues with Steve Gibson of ShieldsUP!
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SN 876: Microsoft’s Patchy Patches - 3rd Party Authenticators, MS-DFSNM, Safari Regression, Firefox Cookies

Picture of the Week. Double Decryption (Last week's key-strength puzzler). 3rd Party Authenticators. Firefox: Total Cookie Protection. We keep (...)

SN 875: The PACMAN Attack - WebAuthn, Passkeys at WWDC, Free Kali Linux Pen Test Course, Proof of Simulation

Picture of the Week. Apple's Passkeys presentation at WWDC 2022. WebAuthn. FREE Penetration Testing course with Kali Linux. Proof of Simulation. (...)

SN 874: Passkeys, Take 2 - ServiceNSW Responds, Follina, Windows Search URL, UNISOC Chip Vulnerability

Picture of the Week. ServiceNSW Responds. ExpressVPN pulls the plug in India. And speaking of pulling the plug. "Follina" under active (...)

SN 873: DuckDuckGone? - Digital Driver’s License, MS Office 0-day, GhostTouch, Vodafone TrustPiD

Picture of the Week. New South Wales DDL — Digital Driver's License. The latest Microsoft Office 0-day remote code execution vulnerability. (...)

SN 872: Dis-CONTI-nued: The End of Conti? - Clearview AI in Ukraine, Vancouver Pwn2Own, Voyager 1

Picture of the Week. Emergency mid-cycle update for Active Directory. Clearview AI -vs- Illinois, Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom. (...)

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