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A man with one functional brain cell expounds upon life, liberty and the pursuit of coherence.
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TOA Finale

46.3 MB / 1 hr., 7 min. â Recorded June 16, 2007, before a live studio audience at The Obtuse Angle Corporation.

SDC 5.dash.31.dash.07

Recorded 5.31.07 by Steve Dupont and released via RSS by special arrangement with The Obtuse Angle Corporation.

Let’s Try This Again (one next-to-last time)

This is actually the third time.Clearly, if Podcast Gods exist, they don't want this to happen.Yet I'm doing it anyway. Trying, that is.Rest (...)

TOA 2.dash.19.5: The Opposite of Meticulousness

15.7 MB / 23 min. Virtually all our technology at TOA Corp fails at once. DS-2. Camera. Computer. Not to mention my brain. Much I COULD talk (...)

TOA Special Edition: Obtuseness, West Coast Style Vol. 2

23.4 MB / 15 min. A chat with fellow Bonesman, Eric Strauss, featuring music by Mr. Strauss and Mateo Kates, and edited by Eric Strauss. COMING (...)

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