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About US

Why mirPod

mirPod is a Virtual Media Center online that gives you the oportunity to find rss, podcasts, radios, Tv, videos. You can enjoy the shows online or on a mobile phone. You can, of course, download contents for your favorite pod. We offer, free players and tools for podcasters and bloggers.

Why Use mirPod

To use mirPod is easy, like a Virtual Pod.

About mirPod

mirPod is on a mission. We want to give everyone the power to search, find, share and enjoy media content on the web. mirPod is also is a social utility that connects you with the bloggers around you.


mirPod™ is an open web media center tool platform.

The Executive Team

Jordi MIR
CEO, founder

Jordi Mir is a Consulting Engineer. Jordi Mir has over 6 years experience building innovative software products, with responsibility for the management and development of multimedia applications and web services technology.
Jordi Mir is Catalan, born in the Center of the World (Dali dixit). His pleasure is to connect People all around this Planet.

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mirPod.com is the best way to tune in to the Web.

Search, discover, enjoy, news, english podcast, radios, webtv, videos. You can find content from the World & USA & UK. Make your own content and share it with your friends.

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