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All about cats, including behavior, health, and care tips.
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Nov 11, Cat peeing in her own bed area

I have a cat that was dropped off in the country and adopted us. She is an outdoor cat and lives in our garage. She bites when we pet her or try (...)

Nov 11, New mom cat with litter box aversion

Since giving birth six weeks ago, my female cat won't use the cat litter box to poo in. Though she will have a wee in there, she decides to poo (...)

Nov 10, Nighters from Des Moines

I have had Nighters for 4 1/2 years as she was born on my parents farm. If I knew how to upload a picture I would so everybody could see how (...)

Nov 6, Arthur from Belgium

Arthur is our 1 year old Scottish Fold. We love his acts, his moves, his attitude. We are so proud of him. Click here to (...)

Nov 5, New mom cat in heat is peeing

My cat had 2 kittens a fortnight ago. I am aware that I cannot have her de-sexed for another 4 weeks. She is on heat and just peed all over the (...)

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