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Hosts Woodrow and Leon discuss the foilbles and vagaries of cranky old men while offering remedies to "make the world crank free." Episodes (...)
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Social Security Red-Tape

Leon tries to collect his Social Security entitlement but runs into a snag.

  • Category: COMEDY
  • play episode http://anvilpf.razorstream.com:80/mediaserver?k=Ytc7QyJQP1pwN+DzsF/0ZVNfouRk6D77iu3M453iVXToVkzoB0CFPg==play episode download

Nose and Ear Hair

Woodrow talks about excessive nose and ear hair on cranky old doods. Special guest Leon J. Thibedeaux joins todays (...)

Old Guy Feet

Join the Woodrow as he discusses the avoidance of becoming a cranky old dood. Weekly seminars on grooming, health, fashion and more. A must (...)

  • Category: COMEDY
  • play episode http://anvilpf.razorstream.com:80/mediaserver?k=Ytc7QyJQP1rlZvE/+EzHhu3GCUIVfwP8iu3M453iVXToVkzoB0CFPg==play episode download

Old Guy Stank

Woodrow and Leon discuss the unpleasant smell of old guys in the 21st century.

Hair Comb-overs

Woodrow and Leon discuss the horrendous effects of the "hair comb-over."

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