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Join Dr Karl, Amy and a bunch of curious triple j listeners for a weekly injection of science, myth-bashing and answers! Dr Karl on triple j is (...)
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Freezing bread, lightyears, energy drinks

When is the best time to freeze bread? How do we measure lightyears? Are sugar-free energy drinks worse for you than their sugary counterparts? (...)

Squirrel survival, testosterone, lightning trees

Why does the gym make me gassy? Do bugs have blood types? Does sound travel further at the beach? Dr Karl answers these questions and more, on (...)

Bonus Episode: Giant asteroids, end of the world, aliens

What would we do if a giant comet was hurdling towards Earth?

Global warming, Double yolked eggs and Maggots

Is it possible to be too healthy? What happens if we're busting to wee and hold it? Do men get sleepier than women after sex? Dr Karl answers (...)

Sunset, sweet cravings, ice cubes

How do they predict sunrise and sunset so accurately? Why do people often crave sweet things after dinner? Does hot water actually freeze quicker (...)

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