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Welcome to The Head Trash Show. My name is Alexia Leachman and I am the founder of Head Trash, home to the new and unique Head Trash Clearance (...)
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Calm your mind in 10 days

Would you like to calm your mind in 10 days? If you do you’re in the right place! If you follow this podcast and the blog you’ll know that the one (...)

Dreams or excuses – what’s in your life?

Is your life full of dreams or excuses? We’ve all got them; dreams, burning desires and passions. But do yours feature as part of your life? Or (...)

Self Healing Confessions

Is it time you tried self healing? The modern western culture that many of us grew up in encourages us to go and see the doctor if we’re not well. (...)

The hidden dimensions of head trash

Did you know about the hidden dimensions of head trash? Yes! I”m talking about those aspects to your issues or problems that, unless you are aware (...)

Busting Bad Beliefs

Have you got bad beliefs? The beliefs that we hold determine how we experience the world, and yet, many of them are BAD BELIEFS; beliefs that (...)

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