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Recovering former Congressman ERNEST ISTOOK has a fresh take on what’s happening in Washington. Now with no ties to any party, or any power but (...)
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Deportations collapse while Obama pretends he’s tough on illegal immigration

In most of the country, illegal immigrants enjoy immunity from enforcement. But definitions have been changed to give President Obama the (...)

IRS wants to take years to stonewall probe of its Tea Party harassment

The IRS is being an even worse bully than usual, refusing to cooperate with the Congressional probe into IRS abuses of the Tea Party. Congress (...)

Federal Agency Okays Labor Unions for College Football Players

The NLRB says football players have the right to unionize at private colleges. It’s up to state labor boards to say whether public colleges might (...)

Female justices insist on uniformity, not diversity

Diversity went out the window as the three female Supreme Court justices—all liberals–united immediately to go after the lawyer for Hobby Lobby, (...)

Private rooms ordered for the homeless–Bad judge or bad law?

Washington, DC, has been ordered to give homeless people private rooms to stay in whenever there’s an overnight freeze. The cost, says the judge, (...)

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