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Follow along as Jad and Kevin explore the grand ideas of liberty, humanity, and equality.
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Ep05 : Blindly Obeying Authority

In this episode we explore how human beings respond to authority. Since the philosophical ideals of libertarianism sit exactly opposite those of (...)

Ep04 : Kevin’s “Everyone is Evil” Theory

“If men were angels, no government would be necessary” –James Madison Human beings respond to incentives. It doesn’t matter how many good people (...)

Ep03 : Salman Rushdie and the American Embassy in Libya

In this episode we’ll be looking at some of the recent turmoil in Libya. As you probably know, the country has been experiencing a number of (...)

Ep02 : Could a 3rd Party Exist in the US?

In this episode we explore some of the b-sides to a third-party system political system. The pretext to this exploration was considering whether (...)

Ep01 : How America Views September 11th Year after Year

11 years after the September 11th terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, the United States has amounted an unprecedented level of debt, is (...)

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