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In this twice weekly podcast, sexual health expert Dr. Debby Herbenick from The Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction, (...)
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Q&A: Will My Curved Penis Affect My Sex Life?

A slight curve is nothing to worry about it and should not affect your ability to have intercourse.

Q&A: Can You Get Pregnant If You’re Wearing Jeans And Underwear?

Sperm cannot make their way through the man's underwear and his jeans and his partner's underwear and jeans to get to the (...)

Q&A: Can I Straighten My Penis Without Drugs or Prescriptions?

Penises come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. It's common for men to experience a bend in their erect penis. The question is if it gets in the (...)

Q&A: I Am Getting Married. How Long Should Intercourse Last?

While sex is a little different for everyone, I can assure you that most people do find time to sleep at night!

Q&A: When Masturbating, I Near Orgasm But Don’t Come. Why is That?

Although, we often talk about difficulty experiencing orgasm during intercourse, less is said about orgasm during masturbation by (...)

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