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Mysterious Universe. A weekly program dedicated to bringing you the latest news from beyond the mainstream. From future science, ancient history, (...)
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28.19 - MU Podcast - Damu 69 at Gmail.com

A chance encounter with unusual light phenomena followed by reports of UFO activity along the Queensland coast inspired us to take a look at (...)

28.18 - MU Podcast - Interdimensional Monkey Madness

Sometimes getting a great bargain means getting yourself into a great deal of trouble. This is exactly what happened to an unwitting Florida (...)

28.17 - MU Podcast - Ectoplasmic Infidelity

Hidden depth within the human psyche may lie the key to accessing a greater reality. While often dismissed as hallucinations, paranoias or other (...)

28.16 - MU Podcast - Draconic Tulpa Exorcisms

We kick off this show in the spirit of Halloween and discuss stories of UFO car abductions, ET hitchhiker phenomenon and what happens when you (...)

28.15 - MU Podcast - Time Window Australis

We are a species in denial. The modern historical narrative of humanity’s origin is a fragile being, susceptible to discoveries of unexplained (...)

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