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Episode 20: Getting Around

Here are Tagalog lessons about public transport systems and commuting. Filipinos get from place to place by riding pedicabs, tricycles, taxis, FX (...)

Episode 32: Lost

Here are Tagalog words you can use when you are lost and are looking for directions. Saan – where Saan po – where (respectful form) ang (daan) (...)

Episode 27: What Time Is It?

Tagalog Words and Phrases related to Time Anong oras na? – What time is it? Ano(ng) – what oras – time na – now Menos diez para las siete Menos dyis (...)

Episode 29: Color My World

Here are Tagalog words and phrases related to colors. Red – pula Orange – kahel Yellow – dilaw Green – luntian Blue – bughaw Indigo – indigo Violet – (...)

Episode 22: Baby Village

Here are Tagalog lessons about phrases Filipinos utter when we’re near pregnant women and children. If it takes a village to raise a child, it (...)

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