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Most people after starting Reiki are amazed by their initial experience, but then there is the question that looms...now what? How do you (...)
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Reiki healing sounds (chanting) meditation and self-treatment

When listening to healing sounds attempt to become aware of the sound with complete attention. Here the stillness in the sounds and between them. (...)

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Spring morning sun rising reiki treatment and meditation

Persistence is the key. Daily practice allows your awareness and Reiki connection to grow not in any quantitative measure but becomes more (...)

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Head, heart, throat, back reiki self treatment & healing

In Reiki-centered Mindfulness Training, we create a routine to allow us to BE aware and let go. Once we have a routine that works whether it is (...)

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Be compassionate to yourself (A precept practice)

After a discussion with Pamela Miles, I have decided to change the name of this Podcast and corresponding classes as well as CDs to (...)

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Mindful cleaning with a clear Reiki connection

There is so much wasted time in the day. As I move into being a stay at home day, I realize that there is many opportunities to practice. (...)

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