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Steve Kaufmann, author of The Linguist and founder of www.thelinguist.com, shares his experiences in learning to speak 9 languages and on (...)
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How Long Should it Take to Learn a Language?

Language learning depends mostly on three factors, the attitude of the learner, the time available, and learner's attentiveness to the language. (...)

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Listening: Language Learning Goal 3

My third language learning goal is listening. It's the third goal in the hierarchy, but in many ways it's the most important because it's the (...)

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Comprehensible Input and Compelling Input (CI)

What is meant by comprehensible input in language learning? Stephen Krashen uses this term, as well as the term compelling input, to refer to the (...)

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Language Learning Goal 2: Reading Comprehension

Reading is easier than listening. I can work my way through a text at LingQ, look up every word. Let's say I'm in sentence mode, it's a brand new (...)

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Monolingual or Bilingual Dictionaries for Language Learners?

Which is better for language learners, monolingual or bilingual dictionaries? This question often comes up.A monolingual dictionary explains the (...)

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