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P O D C A S T :  Trailer Trash w/ Mike and Garrett

Trailer Trash w/ Mike and Garrett is a 2x a week (Tuesday and Friday) podcast where Philadelphia based comedians Mike Baurer and Garrett Smith (...)
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84 - There’s Blinking 2 Be Done w/ Andrew Moore

Garrett has the week off due to illness. Mike steps up to the plate and chats with his good friend, blogger, partier and drinker, Andrew Moore to (...)

  • Category: COMEDY
  • play episode http://traffic.libsyn.com/trailertrash/84_Mouth_of_words_w_Andrew_Moore.m4aplay episode download

83- Androgynous Hair w/ James Mascuilli

James Mascuilli joins us to chat about his love life, drink mimosas and struggle to remember actors names! Fun times had by (...)

  • Category: COMEDY
  • play episode http://traffic.libsyn.com/trailertrash/83_James_Mascuilli.m4aplay episode download

82 - Turning 10 w. Mike Logan

WE ARE BACK!!!!! Mike Logan joins us for our first episode back in twenty fourteen! We chat about all the movies that will be turning 10 years (...)

  • Category: COMEDY
  • play episode http://traffic.libsyn.com/trailertrash/82_Turning_10_w_Mike_Logan.m4aplay episode download

81 - The Grand Budapest Hotel w/ Aaron Nevins

Aaron Nevins joins us again to discuss his upcoming Hang On and to chat about Wes Anderson's The Grand Budepest Hotel.

  • Category: COMEDY
  • play episode http://traffic.libsyn.com/trailertrash/81_The_Grand_Budapest_Hotel_w_Aaron_Nevins_1_-_11_16_13_11.59_AM.m4aplay episode download

80 - Pat’s House Not Pat House’s House w/ Robert Ecks

There isn't a better way to celebrate turning 80 then celebrating it with local comedian Robert Ecks and a GRAB BAG episode. We name almost every (...)

  • Category: COMEDY
  • play episode http://traffic.libsyn.com/trailertrash/80_Grab_Bag_w_Robert_X_2_-_11_6_13_7.09_PM.m4aplay episode download

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