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Each weekday, Pulse of the Planet provides its listeners with a two-minute sound portrait of Planet Earth, tracking the rhythms of nature, (...)
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pulseplanet.com: South African Penguins: Intro

Warmer temperatures are causing problems for penguins in South Africa.

  • Category: SCIENCE
  • play episode http://www.pulseplanet.com/dailymp3/12Oct07.mp3

pulseplanet.com: Madagascar's RR: Cyclone Strikes

In a country where railroads are of critical importance, officials face the challenge of dealing with cyclones.

  • Category: SCIENCE
  • play episode http://www.pulseplanet.com/dailymp3/11Oct07.mp3

pulseplanet.com: Helicopter - Jet Car

Late for work? No problem! Just hop in your personal helicopter!

  • Category: SCIENCE
  • play episode http://www.pulseplanet.com/dailymp3/10Oct07.mp3

pulseplanet.com: Science Diary: Underwater Discoveries - Scatter

Science Diarist Jules Jaffe is excited about discoveries made on an ocean voyage.

  • Category: SCIENCE
  • play episode http://www.pulseplanet.com/dailymp3/09Oct07.mp3

pulseplanet.com: Dragonflies - Riding the Wind

Unfortunately for dragonflies, they're not the only creatures who migrate riding wind currents.

  • Category: SCIENCE
  • play episode http://www.pulseplanet.com/dailymp3/08Oct07.mp3

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