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Science Friday, as heard on NPR, is a weekly discussion of the latest news in science, technology, health, and the environment hosted by Ira (...)
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Hr2: Coal, Bats, Icy Worlds

Bioacoustician Laura Kloepper trudges through mountains of guano as she works to decode the mysterious communication of bats. Plus, what a closer (...)

  • Category: SCIENCE
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Hr1: Ig Nobel Prizes - From Cat Rheology To Operatic Incompetence

The 2017 Ig Nobel Prizes saluted the strange and silly in scientific studies.

  • Category: SCIENCE
  • play episode http://podtrac.com/pts/redirect.mp3/traffic.libsyn.com/sciencefriday/scifri201711241p.mp3?dest-id=13906

Hr1: News Roundup, Coal Ash, Geoengineering, Blood Video

Spraying sulfur into the stratosphere could slow global warming--but climate engineering is not without risks. Plus, a method to see all the way (...)

  • Category: SCIENCE
  • play episode http://podtrac.com/pts/redirect.mp3/traffic.libsyn.com/sciencefriday/scifri201711171p.mp3?dest-id=13906

Hr2: Artemis Builds An Lunar City, Crows, Passenger Pigeons

In his new novel, author Andy Weir creates a sprawling moon metropolis. Plus an ode to the brainy antics of the corvid family, from funerals to (...)

  • Category: SCIENCE
  • play episode http://podtrac.com/pts/redirect.mp3/traffic.libsyn.com/sciencefriday/scifri201711172p.mp3?dest-id=13906

Hr2: Mathematical Careers, Net States

Three mathematicians give us a peek into their abstract and beautiful world. Plus, should large tech companies be subject to the same regulations (...)

  • Category: SCIENCE
  • play episode http://podtrac.com/pts/redirect.mp3/traffic.libsyn.com/sciencefriday/scifri201711102p.mp3?dest-id=13906

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