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Moon and Aldebaran

A bright star follows the Moon across the sky tonight. That seems appropriate, since its name, Aldebaran, means “the Follower.” The star will stand (...)

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Foucault and Fizeau

The names of 72 giants of French science, engineering, and mathematics are engraved on the Eiffel Tower. Two of them were born less than a week (...)

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Big Bear

The Big Dipper stands in the northwest this evening. The bowl is roughly parallel to the horizon and the handle extends skyward. The dipper is (...)

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Cosmic Strings

In its first fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a second, the universe expanded and cooled in a hurry. That may have caused it to “crack.” (...)

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Cepheus, the king, is a faint constellation not far from the Pole Star, Polaris. Look for it high in the north this evening. Its brightest stars (...)

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