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Armstrong and Getty 072210 H1

Customer service sucks; MailBag; CA strongly supports the death penalty.

  • Category: Audio BLOG
  • play episode http://media.ccomrcdn.com/media/station_content/664/Armstrong_and_Getty_072210_H1_1279808336_17351.mp3?CPROG=PCAST&MARKET=SANFRANCISCO-CA&NG_FORMAT=&SITE_ID=664&STATION_ID=KKSF-AM&PCAST_AUTHOR=910AM&PCAST_CAT=News_%26_Politics&PCAST_TITLE=Armstrong_and_Getty_via_910_AM

Armstrong and Getty 072110 H4

Sherrod; Black Panther voter intimidation case; Lesbian teen who missed prom gets payout; Coffee shops thriving in down (...)

  • Category: Audio BLOG
  • play episode http://media.ccomrcdn.com/media/station_content/664/Armstrong_and_Getty_072110_H4_1279733802_29582.mp3?CPROG=PCAST&MARKET=SANFRANCISCO-CA&NG_FORMAT=&SITE_ID=664&STATION_ID=KKSF-AM&PCAST_AUTHOR=910AM&PCAST_CAT=News_%26_Politics&PCAST_TITLE=Armstrong_and_Getty_via_910_AM

Armstrong and Getty 081110 H4

Dude gets out of the way of a line drive at an Astros game that hits his girlfriend in the arm; Op-ed "Why I'm not hiring"; Tim the Lawyer from (...)

  • Category: Audio BLOG
  • play episode http://media.ccomrcdn.com/media/station_content/664/AG_HR_4_8-11-10_1281548632_8638.mp3?CPROG=PCAST&MARKET=SANFRANCISCO-CA&NG_FORMAT=&SITE_ID=664&STATION_ID=KKSF-AM&PCAST_AUTHOR=910AM&PCAST_CAT=News_%26_Politics&PCAST_TITLE=Armstrong_and_Getty_via_910_AM

Armstrong and Getty 081110 H3

Jimmy Fallon sang a song about the Jetblue incident; Jack goes off on people who wear flip flops; Why nanny laws are bad; Voting by ethnic block; (...)

  • Category: Audio BLOG
  • play episode http://media.ccomrcdn.com/media/station_content/664/AG_HR_3_8-11-10_1281543743_4382.mp3?CPROG=PCAST&MARKET=SANFRANCISCO-CA&NG_FORMAT=&SITE_ID=664&STATION_ID=KKSF-AM&PCAST_AUTHOR=910AM&PCAST_CAT=News_%26_Politics&PCAST_TITLE=Armstrong_and_Getty_via_910_AM

Armstrong and Getty 072210 H3

Muslim drivers won't take blind passengers because of their dogs; Syria bans burka at universities; Islamization of a (...)

  • Category: Audio BLOG
  • play episode http://media.ccomrcdn.com/media/station_content/664/Armstrong_and_Getty_072210_H3_1279815652_27309.mp3?CPROG=PCAST&MARKET=SANFRANCISCO-CA&NG_FORMAT=&SITE_ID=664&STATION_ID=KKSF-AM&PCAST_AUTHOR=910AM&PCAST_CAT=News_%26_Politics&PCAST_TITLE=Armstrong_and_Getty_via_910_AM

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