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Pittsburgh Steelers: Bold Predictions For The 2017 NFL Season [Opinion]

28 July, by Evan Massey[ —]

Bold predictions for Pittsburgh.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have been one of the most dominant teams in the AFC in recent history and are hoping to make another run at a Super Bowl appearance in 2017. Many believe that the New England Patriots will head back to the Super Bowl once again, but the Steelers have other plans and a lot of talent on their roster to back it up.

Looking ahead at the upcoming season, there are only a few teams that appear to have the talent to compete for the AFC title. New England and Pittsburgh are two of them, with the Oakland Raiders being the third main team to keep an eye on. Another team could come out and surprise, but those three teams are by far the best on paper.

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Rob Kardashian Freaking Out Over Blac Chyna And Lamar Odom’s Meeting

28 July, by Amanda Lynne[ —]

Rob Kardashian freaking out over Blac Chyna, Lamar Odom meeting.

Rob Kardashian is reportedly very upset over his ex-fiance, Blac Chyna, and former brother-in-law, Lamar Odom’s, recent meet up. Chyna and Lamar recently crossed paths at a launch party, where Chyna and Kylie Jenner’s ex, Tyga, was also in attendance. Now, Kardashian is allegedly freaking out over the fact that the two were together.

According to Hollywood Life, Rob Kardashian is a very “emotional” person and he’s been known to get “paranoid” at times. Blac Chyna and Lamar Odom’s recent run-in is said to be weighing heavily on him and sources claim that he’s “spinning out of control” imagining that the two are plotting behind his back. The insider also added that seeing Lamar and Chyna together was like a “knife” in Rob’s heart.

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‘Counting On’ Viewers Donate To Transgender Rights Org In Duggar Family’s Name

28 July, by Steph Bazzle[ —]

Duggar family -- counting on viewers donate to trans rights

As stars of Counting On, the Duggar family promotes a strict religious lifestyle that includes their own idea of modest clothing, rules for “courtship” (rather than dating) that include no holding hands before becoming engaged, and right-wing politics. In fact, Michelle Duggar recorded her voice for a robocall in 2014, reaching out to her community to prevent a law that would have protected transgender individuals’ privacy in public restrooms.

However, not all fans of Counting On support the Duggar family’s beliefs — and not all viewers consider themselves fans, either. Across social media, you can find a community of viewers who categorize the show as a guilty pleasure, or say they keep watching in hopes some of Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar’s 19 kids will leave their strict religion behind.

In these communities, the topics range from how cute the Duggar family grandbabies are to outrage at Jeremy Vuolo (husband to Jinger, the fourth-born Duggar sister) when his sermons express anti-Catholic or anti-LGBTQ views.

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Taylor Swift And Blake Lively Went On A Romantic Double Date With Their Men

28 July, by Natasha Reda[ —]

blake lively and taylor swift pose for instagram selfie

Just when we thought Taylor Swift was going to stay in hiding for the rest of the year, reports have surfaced that she and BFF Blake Lively enjoyed a romantic double date with their significant others.

The “Blank Space” singer and her rumored new boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, spent some time in Rhode Island with the Gossip Girl alum and her husband, Ryan Reynolds. What first started off as a secret getaway for Swift and the British actor, quickly turned into a double date after Lively and Reynolds joined in on the fun.

Us Weekly reports the couples hung out at Swift’s home for two days. This is the same Rhode Island pad Swift was first spotted kissing ex-boyfriend Tom Hiddleston back in June, 2016. Remember those kissing-on-the-rock photos that began “Hiddleswift’s” love story?

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Reinforcing China’s Borders And ‘The Great Illusion’ [Opinion]

28 July, by Francisco Duarte[ —]

Chinese parade in Hong Kong during official visit in June, 2017.

During the last few months there have been concerning developments along the borders of the Popular Republic of China. South of Tibet Beijing’s attempts at building a road to Bhutan ended in a standoff against Indian troops, with inflamed rhetoric coming from both sides.

More recently, the People’s Liberation Army has also been reinforcing its positions along the 1,400 kilometer long border with North Korea, the CNN reports. It is assumed Beijing is getting ready for the consequences of any intervention in North Korea, either by direct action by the U.S. and allies, or through a hypothesized regime change.

At the same time, Chinese jets continue to have tense meetings with American aircraft along the Asia-Pacific region. Recently a pair of Su-30 long-range fighters intercepted an EP-3 spy plane, coming closer than 300 feet from the American aircraft, which is considered an extremely dangerous distance.

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Beyonce And Jay Z Allegedly Feuding With Neighbors Brooke Burke-Charvet, David Charvet

28 July, by Mandy Robinson[ —]

Beyonce and Jay Z pose together.

Beyonce and Jay Z aren’t getting along very well with their neighbors according to a new report by Life  Style. A source shared that Beyonce and Jay Z live by where Brooke Burke-Charvet and David Charvet are developing their property. They are renting a $400,000-a-month home next to where Brooke and David are still doing construction. They are working hard on getting their house ready, but Beyonce and Jay Z aren’t thrilled with it at all.

It was revealed that Jay Z and Beyonce are allegedly upset about the noise and have called the cops on their neighbors a few times, causing the construction to shut down for a bit. They even complained about a taco truck that brings the people working on the house lunch, according to rumors. The source claimed that they seem to think they own Malibu.

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Did Trump Jump The Gun On Military Transgender Ban, Blindsiding Top Brass?

28 July, by Roz Zurko[ —]

Trump Jumps The Gun On Transgender Ban?

The military’s transgender ban is far from being initiated, it is not a ban that has been put through the proper channels as of yet, according to the latest reports from Washington. On Wednesday, Trump’s tweets gave the impression that the transgender ban was in place, but it has been revealed that the Joint Chiefs of Staff were blindsided by Trump’s tweet. According to Fox News live on Thursday afternoon, the Joint Chiefs of Staff were not informed about Trump attempting to place a ban on transgender individuals serving in the military via a tweet.

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Reports Suggest ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Matriarch Ami Brown Needs More Cancer Treatment — Will She Be OK?

28 July, by Bernadette Giacomazzo[ —]

Alaskan Bush People on Discovery Channel

Even though Alaskan Bush People isn’t going to have a new episode for two weeks, there are still reports leaking out about the nature of Ami Brown’s cancer diagnosis and the extent of her treatment. It’s no secret, of course, that an aggressive form of cancer like the one Ami Brown has requires an aggressive form of treatment. But will she survive this type of treatment?

According to the Christian Post, it was shown on Alaskan Bush People that Ami Brown has stage three lung cancer, which the Cancer Treatment Centers of America say is, indeed, survivable if treatment is given in the early stages.

Chemotherapy and other radiation-type treatments are often recommended to shrink the tumor before it can be removed, as the tumors in this stage are often too big to be removed.

Naturally, the extent of Ami’s treatments have left the family devastated.

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Who ‘Quit’ ‘Teen Mom OG?’ MTV Series Backlash Caused One Mom To Say She’s Leaving On Instagram

28 July, by Amanda Katherine[ —]

teen mom og quits after backlash ryan edwards wife mackenzie leaves show

A Teen Mom OG star reportedly quit the popular MTV series amid the backlash it’s been receiving. Will fans have to say goodbye to one of the moms?

Ryan Edwards, the father of Maci Bookout’s child, shocked Teen Mom OG fans when he was caught on camera driving while high on pills with his wife, Mackenzie Standifer, in the car. Is that the last time the couple will be filmed for Teen Mom OG?

Mackenzie Standifer posted on Instagram on Thursday, “I quit.”

Fans of the MTV reality series believe that Edwards’ wife is leaving the show, Radar Online reported.

One user commented that they were “sad to see [Mackenzie] go,” while another wrote that they hoped “it’s not TMOG.”

Once Ryan was filmed driving under the influence on the way to their wedding on the season finale of Teen Mom OG, fans lashed out.

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Jenelle Evans’ Mom, Barbara, Opens Up About Not Being Invited To Daughter’s Wedding: ‘It’s Very Painful’

27 July, by Fiona Miller[ —]

Jenelle Evans and Barbara Evans at the MTV Movie Awards

Teen Mom 2′s Jenelle Evans will be getting married in a little over a month after her fifth engagement, but it seems for Jenelle the fifth time’s a charm. The reality TV star, who has admittedly had some rough relationships, feels as though she has found “the one” in fiance David Eason.

The pair announced their “Save the Date” via Instagram (and presumably the mail) and Jenelle Evans went to New York City to search for her perfect dress. The reality TV star says she’s ready for the perfect wedding, which she describes as small, southern, and rustic.

But one person who won’t be attending will be her mother, Barbara Evans, and not out of her own volition. Instead, Barb will be skipping the wedding because Jenelle Evans doesn’t want her there. The pair’s relationship has become increasingly fractured over the past couple of years as they have duked it out for custody over Jenelle’s eldest son, Jace.

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