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Bill Clinton Trolls Trump, Consoles Hillary

28 April, by Stacey Cole[ —]

Bill Clinton Trolls Donald Trump Consoles Hillary

If there’s anything the Clinton family is good at besides getting into messy public scandals, it’s trolling.

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton, whose wife Hillary Clinton infamously lost to Republican candidate Donald Trump in last year’s election, trolled Trump in his most recent tweet.

Bill Clinton, whose wife Hillary was the only way for him to once again get into the Oval Office (this time as First Man, or whatever they were planning to call the male First Lady), posted a tweet on Sunday night, throwing shade at Donald Trump.

Rams Draft: Five Players To Avoid In Second Round At No. 37 In 2017 NFL Draft

28 April, by Pete Camarillo[ —]

Rams Draft should not include Curtis Samuel in the second round

This Rams draft did not feature a first round pick. Therefore, the Los Angeles Rams spectated the first day of the 2017 NFL Draft.

L.A. watched as teams traded in and out of Day One of the draft. They saw teams reach for quarterbacks and offensive players, while many good defensive prospects slid in the draft.

Now, the Rams will finally have an opportunity to make a selection with the No. 37 overall pick in the NFL Draft. Who should the Rams Draft in the second round? They have many options, but there are a few names that the Rams should avoid in the second round. Here are five players L.A. should avoid at No. 37 overall since the first round already concluded.

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Donald Trump Says No To Another Taiwan Phone Call, Cites China Relations

28 April, by Simon Alvarez[ —]

Donald Trump has rejected the Taiwanese presidents proposal to hold another call.

Taiwan might have been the first to congratulate U.S. President Donald Trump after he won the recent presidential election, but it seems like the American Commander in Chief has other priorities in mind. After news broke that Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen is looking to speak with Trump once more, the U.S. President quickly shut down the suggestion, citing the superpower’s budding relationship with China.

According to a recently published Reuters report, U.S. President Donald Trump stated in a White House interview that he would rather not create any problems between him and Chinese President Xi Jinping, especially considering the current challenges emerging from North Korea, a country that has close ties to China. Talking to the Taiwanese Commander in Chief would most likely incite tension between the U.S. and China, considering the sensitive issues surrounding the two Asian nations. In an interview with the news agency, Trump explained his refusal to speak with his Taiwanese counterpart.

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‘Days Of Our Lives’: Shawn Christian Says He Was Hurt Over Daniel’s Abrupt Death

28 April, by Taylor Rios[ —]

Days Of Our Lives: Shawn Christian Says He Was Hurt Over Daniels Abrupt Death

Days Of Our Lives fans still miss Dr. Daniel Jonas, who was a fan favorite character on the soap opera for eight years. Recently, actor Shawn Christian opened up about finding out Daniel was being killed off. He admits that he was hurt by it, especially since it was so abrupt. Find out what else he had to say.

Characters are sometimes killed on television shows. With DOOL and other daytime soaps, that doesn’t necessarily mean the end. Fans have seen over the years many dead characters that turn out to be alive. However, that isn’t possible with Daniel Jonas, at least it wouldn’t be believable and would be too difficult to explain. The NBC soap opera has treated fans with Daniel returning now and again, but it is in spirit form, only visible to Nicole Walker (Arianne Zucker).

Johnny Depp ‘In Good Spirits’ As He Protests Death Penalty, While Amber Heard Moves On

28 April, by Stacey Cole[ —]

Johnny Depp death penalty Amber Heard Elon Musk

Johnny Depp was spotted in Los Angeles in good spirits following a rather stressful week protesting the death penalty in Arkansas.

Johnny Depp, who until recently had been a respected Hollywood figure, is becoming the butt of jokes on social media following revelations that the Pirates of the Caribbean actor used to spend $2 million per month before he was sucked into a major debt earlier this year.

Last week, Johnny Depp, who himself allegedly idolizes mass-executioner Ernesto “Che” Guevara, was thrown in hot water after showing up at anti-death penalty protest in Arkansas protesting capital punishment in the state.

As if it wasn’t enough, Johnny Depp’s ex-wife Amber Heard is giving him heartache by confirming on Instagram her romance with Tesla tech billionaire Elon Musk.


A post shared by Amber Heard (@amberheard) on

Last week, Johnny Depp was spotted hanging out with a group of friends in West Hollywood’s The Nice Guy bar.

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Justin Bieber And Luis Fonsi’s ‘Despacito’ Remix Rockets Into Top 10: Tops iTunes, Spotify, YouTube

28 April, by Page Mackinley[ —]

Justin Bieber Helps Propel Luis Fonsis Despacito Remix Into Billboard Top 10

Justin Bieber’s star power has helped propel Puerto Rico’s Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee into Billboard’s Hot 100 Top 10 with the Biebs-featuring “Despacito” remix.

The remix is the first predominantly Spanish-language song to break into the top 10 in 20 years. The last time it happened was in 1996 when Los Del Rio’s “Macarena (Bayside Boys Remix)” spent 14 weeks at No. 1.

The bilingual single showcases Justin singing in Spanish and is a new version of Fonsi and Yankee’s original global smash.

The “Despacito” remix’s strong top 10 chart entry is Bieber’s 12th Hot 100 top 10 hit, and Fonsi and Daddy Yankee’s first.

According to Billboard’s latest Hot 100 chart update, the remix landed at No.9. If you think that’s impressive, projections for next week’s Hot 100 chart predict the song will soar to No. 4. The single has recently been added to radio.

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R. Kelly And Asia Childress Scandal: Pictures Of Text Messages Leaked, Halle Calhoun, Other Illicit Affairs

28 April, by Lawrence Arboleda[ —]

R. Kelly, who is being sued for having an extramarital affair with Asia Childress, has been involved in numerous controversial sexual relationships for many years, most of them involving minors.

Asia Childress’ alleged text conversation with R. Kelly has been leaked online, throwing more light into the alleged extramarital affair that prompted a former Mississippi deputy to file lawsuit charges against the R&B singer.

Heavy.com published pictures of alleged text messages between Asia Childress and Kelly, and their content is consistent with the details Childress’ husband, Kenny Bryant, has put forward in his lawsuit, which was filed on April 21.

R. Kelly is being sued by Bryant for allegedly rekindling a sexual relationship with his wife, Ms. Childress, as reported by the Inquisitr, leading to their divorce. Mr. Bryant knew of the affair prior to their July 2012 wedding, but his wife told him that their relationship was already over.

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2017 NFL Draft: Who Is Available For Day Two? Five Best Prospects Remaining For Second Round [Opinion]

28 April, by Pete Camarillo[ —]

The 2017 NFL Draft featured a ton of surprises during the first round. Ten trades were completed on Day One of the NFL Draft, per ESPN.

Other surprises included the three quarterbacks who were selected in the first round, despite questions about each of the top players at that position. NFL teams also reached for receivers and running backs because this team features a ton of defensive talent.It appears franchises figured they would wait until the later rounds to get defensive help.

Either way, here are the five best players remaining after the first round of the NFL Draft. These players should not last long into Day Two of the draft, which features second and third round selections for NFL teams.

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World War 3: Will Trump-Korea Conflict Draw United States, China, & Russia Into End Of The World Nuclear War?

28 April, by Daniel Ketchum[ —]

Trump could be taking us into World War 3.

World War 3 is becoming a frequent topic online, with many people wondering whether a North Korea conflict will draw the United States, China, and Russia into an end of the world nuclear war. All three countries are sending forces into the area – the United States on land and sea and China and Russia along the North Korean border.

Will Kim Jong Un spark World War 3?
Will Kim Jong Un spark World War 3? [Image by Han Myung-Gu/Getty Images]

The Trump administration is currently calling for tougher UN sanctions on North Korea. But given that the nation’s leader Kim Jong-un continues to ignore the ones already imposed, this seems unlikely to work. As many commentators have noted, North Korea has apparently determined that its only guarantee of continuing existence into the 21st century is the possession of nuclear weapons.

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Taiwanese Hiker Lost Partner, Got Rescued Just Days Before 21st Birthday

28 April, by Simon Alvarez[ —]

Two Taiwanese hikers who have been missing in the Nepalese mountains for 47 days have been retrieved.

After missing for almost seven weeks in the unforgiving Nepalese mountains, Taiwanese hiker 20-year-old Liang Sheng-yue and his partner, 19-year-old Liu Chen-chun, were found by rescuers. The pair had been missing for 47 days. While Liang was rescued alive, his partner, Liu, had passed away three days before rescue arrived.

Madhav Basnet, an official at the Kathmandu-based Asian Trekking Agency and one of the rescuers who were able to locate the lost pair, stated that they were able to retrieve both Liang and Liu before midday Wednesday local time. The pair had been airlifted out of a ravine near the Narchet River in the Himalayas, according to a CNN report.

What was rather tragic, however, was the fact that the rescuers found Liang with the remains of his partner, who had passed away just three days before. Had Liu survived, Liang would have celebrated his 21st birthday with his partner in a Nepalese medical facility. The 20-year-old survivor will turn 21 this coming Friday.

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