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Siberian Husky’s Vicious Attack On Mini Poodle Caught On CCTV, Devastated Owner Attacks Dog Cafe With A Hammer

23 September, by Mia Lorenzo[ —]

Siberian Husky preparing for a practice run on a forest course

A pet owner suffered a heartbreaking loss after a Siberian husky attacked her mini poodle at a dog café in Seoul.

On September 21, the owner of a mini poodle shared her devastating loss at an online forum. The owner revealed she left her poodle at a dog café in Seoul, and it was where the incident happened.

The CCTV footage from the café shows the Siberian husky approaching the mini poodle and violently bites the animal’s neck. The attack proved to be too much to handle for the smaller dog. When the husky left, the mini poodle on the floor and died at the scene after spilling too much blood.

The owner of the mini poodle wants the dog café to take responsibility for what happened to her pet. It’s still business as usual in the café, and she wants to seek legal action against the establishment for what happened to her pet.

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‘BB19’ Showmances Jessica And Cody, Mark And Elena, Embrace And Share Kisses in Steamy Instagram Photo

23 September, by Cia Young[ —]

Big Brother 19 Jessica and Cody, or Jody, and Mark and Elena, or Marlena, seen kissing in Instagram photo

This season, the Big Brother house was full of showmances, some of which gained huge popularity with fans of the show. Two of those couplings consisted of Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson, also known as “Jody,” and Mark Jansen and Elena Davies, affectionately called “Marlena.”

For the first few weeks of the Big Brother 19 game, the two couples were aligned in the house, as Cody had won the first Head of Household (HOH) competition and was enjoying all of the perks and the power that came with that win.

Now out of the house and free to enjoy life, Jessica posted a steamy photo Thursday night to her Instagram page, showing the couples sitting in a booth at some sort of restaurant or bar. In the image, Jessica is sitting on Cody’s lap, passionately holding his face as the two embrace and kiss.

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NBA Trade Rumors: Carmelo Anthony Headed To Cavs? Melo Adds Cleveland To List Of NBA Trade Teams

23 September, by Matt Couden[ —]

NBA trade rumors Carmelo Anthony to Cavs

The NBA trade rumors involving Carmelo Anthony have picked up steam on Friday evening with speculation that he could join the Cleveland Cavaliers. Within the past several days, rumors have surfaced that Anthony was expanding his list of potential teams he’d be willing to get traded to. The Portland Trail Blazers were a team that was being mentioned after weeks of reports saying that Carmelo would only want to join the Houston Rockets. Now it’s being reported that Melo has added Cleveland to that list of possible destinations for a trade after the Knicks asked for other teams beyond Houston.

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Kylie Jenner And Boyfriend Travis Scott Net Worth: Travis Wiki And Age

23 September, by Elizabeth Gail[ —]

Travis Scott wiki and net worth

Kylie Jenner and boyfriend Travis Scott have been dating since last year after the cosmetics mogul split from Tyga, following a series of dramatic twists to their relationship. Kylie is presently said to be pregnant with the Travis’ child, according to sources who have spoken to People. So who is Travis Scott? The following are some facts about him.

Travis Scott Wiki

Travis Scott is an American rapper, writer, and producer. Born on April 30, 1992, he was brought up in Missouri City, where he stayed with his grandmother up to the age of six. At the time, his mother worked at AT&T, while his father was a businessman. He became a mainstream artist in 2012 after being signed to Epic Records and later on in the year with Kanye West’s music label GOOD Music. In 2013, he got a record deal with Grand Hustle, which is owned by T.I.

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Melo Will Waive His No-Trade Clause For The Cavs

23 September, by Jonathan Bates[ —]

Melo guarding LeBron James

Carmelo Anthony is no longer picky about the team he wants to play for in this upcoming season. Melo has expanded the list of teams he will accept a trade for according to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN. In addition to Woj’s report, the one team Melo made clear he would accept a trade for is the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Anthony is showing “urgency” in evacuating New York according to ESPN. New York made calls to Cleveland, but both sides haven’t come up with trade ideas. Cleveland seems to be set on Kevin Love, and Tristan Thompson is the most valuable piece on the club that’s an eye-popper for the Knicks club.

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Jenelle Evans Calls Of Her Wedding To David Eason One Day Before The Ceremony

23 September, by Fiona Miller[ —]

Jenelle Evans and David Eason at the VMAs

Those who keep up with Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans are well aware that the reality TV star had planned to wed her fiancé, David Eason, tomorrow at their property. However, it seems plans have changed for the pair as Jenelle has called off the wedding just one day before it was to take place.

Jenelle Evans didn’t even attempt to play it cool in front of the guests at her rehearsal dinner. Instead, she shouted at her fiancé in front of them and left her ring on the table. She left the scene to go inside and cry with her friends. Radar Online reports that her friends and guests were left confused by the events and eventually left when it was clear the wedding was off the table.

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Parsons Green Attacker Appears In Court, New Details On Tube Bombing Emerge

23 September, by Chanel Malik[ —]

Police and forensic officials investigate the area surrounding Parsons Green underground station

The man responsible for injuring 30 people riding the London Underground’s District Line train to Parsons Green on the morning of Friday, September 15, made his first appearance in court earlier today, September 22. During this preliminary hearing, details, which had not been previously made aware to the public, emerged regarding exactly what the bomb was constructed of and the potential casualties the attack could have caused.

According to the London Evening Standard, 18-year-old Ahmed Hassan Mohammed Ali, as he gave his name to the magistrate, was charged with both attempted murder and intent to danger life and/or cause serious injury on the day of the Parsons Green explosion. Eyewitnesses from inside the courtroom listened on as information surrounding the ingredients of the bomb itself came to light, later giving statements that the accused appeared to show no remorse whatsoever and did not seem all that affected by the proceedings.

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Aaron Carter Seeking Treatment At A ‘Facility’ Amid Health Crisis: Is He Alright?

23 September, by Erika Miranda[ —]

Aaron Carter Seeks Medical Treatment In A Factility, His Rep Says

Aaron Carter is seeking treatment in a facility to improve his health in the wake of his appearance in The Doctors to discuss the health crisis he is facing, a rep for the pop star revealed.

In a statement sent to E! News, Carter’s spokesperson Steve Honig revealed that the 29-year-old singer is seeking medical attention in “a facility to improve his health and work on his overall wellness.”

As most people who have been following the “I Want Candy” singer’s social media accounts would know, he had been troubled with how thin he appears and had even resorted to appearing in the medical-themed TV series, The Doctors, to publicly address speculations of drug abuse as well as his abnormal weight.

Based on a previous report on the results of his drug test in the show from the Inquisitr, Aaron Carter turned up negative for illegally abused substances like cocaine and meth.

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Doomsday Delay? Man Who Predicted September 23 End Of The World Now Says It’s Not Coming Until October

23 September, by Patricia Ramirez[ —]

Doomsday coming September 23 or will humanity have to wait until October for the end-of-the-world?

If you’ve made plans for a September 23 doomsday party, it might be time to rearrange your social calendar. That’s because David Meade, the Christian numerologist and “researcher” who claimed that the end of the world would be on Saturday has now changed his mind. According to a Meade prediction that has since gone viral and sparked a massive amount of news coverage and social media chatter, Planet X (aka Nibiru) was slated to collide with Earth on September 23, ending the world as we know it.

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‘Big Brother 19’ Cody Talks AFP Confusion, Reveals How He Kept His Word When Voting For Josh To Win ‘BB19’

23 September, by Cia Young[ —]

Big Brother 19 Cody talks confusion over AFP, who he kept word to in jury to vote for BB19 winner Josh

Although Big Brother 19 came to a dramatic end Wednesday night, fans are still interested in Cody Nickson’s thoughts about his America’s Favorite Player win and his confusion over garnering the coveted designation. Viewers are further intrigued by Josh Martinez’s BB19 grand prize victory and the statement Cody made about keeping his word when he lodged his jury vote that snagged Josh the win over Paul Abrahamian.

This season of Big Brother had many viewers split regarding houseguest support, similar to the lines drawn in the BB19 house between players. Cody was clearly an adversary for returning cast member, Paul, and Cody was one of the few houseguests that refused to become a loyal follower of the bearded clothing designer.

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