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May Mix

22 June, by Jonesy[ —]
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So, i was checking my email today, when I noticed an email from Podomatic stating that someone had requested a new mix from my podcast...really? I was SO excited to see this request, that i HAD to deliver...so here it is...It's a good one, too! I hope you enjoy. Be sure to leave a comment if you like it and share it with your friends...oh, and you can always download the mix for free as well. Thank you for the support! -Jonesy

House Junkee **LIVE @ Mars Bar, SF**

22 June, by Jonesy[ —]
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If you live in San Francisco, and you like House Music, chances are, you've been to Mars Bar on one of their Well known "Sunday Funday" afternoons. Known for the delicious food (and thirst quenching cocktails) they serve, the cozy yet sociable back patio, the fierce staff that caters to every patron who enters AND the music that breeds life into the entire venue....It's no wonder I would want to spin there as part of my birthday weekend...I think my favorite gift was this Sony voice recorder which I used that Sunday, Aug. 9th to record this live mix...now that I'm able to record so easily, you will be seeing/hearing more from me now. I will try to provide a track list more in the future, but for now, if you want to know the name of any track you hear, just send me a msg and I'll respond with an answer as soon as I can. And now for the "beats that go BOOM!" If you like it, please leave a comment! Share it to your FaceBook Friends and download the mix for free... Over And Out, Jonesy

House Junkee: Erotic City

22 June, by Jonesy[ —]
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Hello world! What a crazy life we all lead...I live in San Francisco now, but I remember as a kid, growing up in Phoenix, LOVING Prince! He was untouchable and his music inspired me throughout different times of my life, from "1999" to "Little Red Corvette" and one of my personal favorites, "Erotic City" (which i found a pretty sick remix of and placed in this mix). This isn't necessarily a tribute mix, but rather a sick mix with a track to remember the man who contributed tremendously to the pop industry! Of course there are other great tracks on here as well...if you like it, please leave a comment. Share it with your friends and download it for free (you never know when it'll be removed from the list). Till next time, keep it groovin'! Jonesy

House Junkee is BACK!

22 June, by Jonesy[ —]
Hello my fellow "House Junkee's" out there! I know it's been too long, but I've got a mix for you here that I think you may like. I've actually got a few mixes to share, so I will be posting more often. Be sure to share the mix or even download for free if you like. I also love feedback, so don't be shy! Thanks for sticking with me, I promise it'll be worth it! ;-)

Boogie @ The EndUp, SF

27 May, by Jonesy[ —]
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Guess what? I'm Baaaaaaaaaaack! hehe I feel as though this mix really showcases me as a DJ along with the type of music I'm sharing recently. Watching someone try to leave the dance floor, only to turn around and continue dancing because they're feeling my music SO much....THAT'S my DOC! ;-) Anyway, I DJ'd at the well known club called The EndUp on Sunday May 20th, 2018 for a party called "Boogie" and this is the recording of my set that night. Be sure to share this mix! Download it for the car....Play it for your house party...enjoy! Oh, and leave a comment! Got any good track suggestions for my next mix?? I'll check them out if so...

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