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Lunar Design pros explore, discuss and demystify the world of design.
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Enhancing TABLU to meet user needs [Part 7] - Icon-o-Cast the podcast by LUNAR

TABLU project leads Jessica Behnsen and Adrian Waibel from LUNAR Europe talk with John Edson about testing TABLU in users' homes and important (...)

  • Category: CULTURE-ARTS
  • play episode http://traffic.libsyn.com/iconocast/103-Enhancing-TABLU-to-meet-user-needs-part_7-Icon-o-Cast-the-podcast-by-LUNAR.mp3

Bringing a Human Touch to TABLU [Part 6] - Icon-o-Cast the podcast by LUNAR

Christiane Graboski, head nurse and project manager, for DRK in Tübingen, Germany, joins LUNAR’s Jessica Behnsen and John Edson to discuss how (...)

  • Category: CULTURE-ARTS
  • play episode http://traffic.libsyn.com/iconocast/102_Bringing_a_Human_Touch_to_TABLU_Part_6_-_Icon-o-Cast_the_podcast_by_LUNAR.mp3

A better user experience for home health care [part 5] - Icon-o-Cast the podcast by LUNAR

LUNAR’s John Edson and Chau Hop talk with Dr. Udo Weimar, professor of physical and theoretical chemistry at the University of Tubingen in Germany (...)

  • Category: CULTURE-ARTS
  • play episode http://traffic.libsyn.com/iconocast/A_better_user_experience_for_home_health_care_part_5_-_Icon-o-Cast_the_podcast_by_LUNAR.mp3

The public context for TABLU [part 4] - Icon-o-Cast the podcast by LUNAR

LUNAR's Chau Hop and Daniel Buhr, Professor of Policy Analysis and Political Economies at the University of Tubingen in Germany discuss public (...)

  • Category: CULTURE-ARTS
  • play episode http://traffic.libsyn.com/iconocast/100_The_public_context_for_TABLU_part_4_-_Icon-o-Cast_the_podcast_by_LUNAR.mp3

When patients become consumers

The era of personalized medicine is upon us and this trend has important implications for how we think about patients. In fact, we need to be (...)

  • Category: CULTURE-ARTS
  • play episode http://traffic.libsyn.com/iconocast/futurecare-dr2.mp4

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