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BBC Micro TrueType font

I've just used the excellent fontstruct to create a clone of the BBC Micro 8 x 8 bitmapped font: (edit, deleted fontstruct embed which was (...)

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Don’t follow me…

…I'm just following a meme. $ history | awk 'print $2' | sort | uniq -c | sort -k1 -rn | head 69 svn 56 cd 52 ls 49 make 26 (...)

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Charging for GPSBabel?

It seems that someone is and I don't think it's anyone involved with the project. That page certainly doesn't look like spam or a scam (...)

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Cargo-Culted Optimisations

In Understanding User and Kernel Mode Jeff Atwood says that code that uses exceptions is slow because “exceptions imply kernel mode transitions”. (...)

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Steve Furber CBE

ARM designer Steve Furber has been given a CBE. I believe the appropriate response is “w00t!”.

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