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The Shock Jock Without a Cock- Madge Weinstein is a world famous power lesbian taking both the podcast world and the real world by storm. A star (...)
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YR1434 Private vs. Shared Luxury

fun solo grum with many important topics

  • Category: COMEDY
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YR1433 Livid Fayutt

A fun solo grum from Wickers Park.

  • Category: COMEDY
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YR1432 Summy summary

ALL GIRLS are back to discuss their summies and other topics.

  • Category: COMEDY
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YR1431 Bosch sucks

Madge discusses the democratic candidates and swears a lot a about beeping.

  • Category: COMEDY
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YR1430 Death by Chicken Soup

Just a quick grum to share something wonderful with you.

  • Category: COMEDY
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