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Doctor Dan, from the Medical School Podcast, teaches premedical students how to beat their competition and learn the ropes of premedical courses (...)
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The Pre-Dental Path – part 1

Episode 31: The content dentist. Next month will be a discontented dentist turned pre-med! Learn why they made their choice and how to make your (...)

  • Category: SCIENCE
  • play episode http://premedicaluniversity.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/pmu-episode31-dentist-1.mp3

PTSD, Coronavirus and the MMC 3.0 – Doctor Dan is back!

Apparently, my podcasting days aren’t over… Who would have guessed a bioweapon would bring us back together? You could have guessed. If you (...)

  • Category: SCIENCE
  • play episode http://medical-mastermind-community.com/uploads/Hope-for-PTSD-in-the-era-of-Coronavirus.mp3

Medical School Grades Suck (the first round)

Episode 63: Dr. Dan responds to a listener question after he’s stressed because he failed most of his very first round of med school exams. Learn (...)

  • Category: SCIENCE
  • play episode http://medical-mastermind-community.com/uploads/Study-in-1st-year.mp3

How to Study for Anatomy

Episode 62: Learn to distinguish types of study material and the study technique that it best suits. How to Study Anatomy To learn how to study (...)

  • Category: SCIENCE
  • play episode http://premedicaluniversity.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/pmu-episode62-how-to-study-anatomy.mp3

Protecting relationships in medical school

Episode 61: Dr. Dan answers a listener question about how “easy” it is to maintain a relationship as a premed and as a medical student. (...)

  • Category: SCIENCE
  • play episode http://premedicaluniversity.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/pmu-episode61-relationships-in-medical-school.mp3

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