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Why can’t a couch potato run a marathon, but a trained athlete can? Can cars really hop? Learn more about how everything works in BrainStuff, a (...)
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Should You Eat A 106-Year-Old Fruitcake?

What relics of South Pole expeditions have turned up? Learn more about Robert Falcon Scott's Antarctic fruitcake in this BrainStuff (...)

  • Category: Web TECH
  • play episode https://www.podtrac.com/pts/redirect.mp3/streaming.brainstuffshow.com/brainstuff/2017-09-20-brainstuff-106-year-old-fruitcake.mp3?awCollectionId=1009&awEpisodeId=928440

Why Goldfish Make Their Own Alcohol

How do goldfish survive in icy lakes and your poorly cleaned aquarium? Learn more about goldfish and alcohol on this (...)

  • Category: Web TECH
  • play episode https://www.podtrac.com/pts/redirect.mp3/streaming.brainstuffshow.com/brainstuff/2017-09-18-brainstuff-goldfish-alcohol.mp3?awCollectionId=1009&awEpisodeId=928421

Separating Ninja Facts From Ninja Fiction

A new ninja research center opened in Japan. This episode looks at the myth of the ninja and what the research center hopes to solve and (...)

  • Category: Web TECH
  • play episode https://www.podtrac.com/pts/redirect.mp3/streaming.brainstuffshow.com/brainstuff/2017-09-13-brainstuff-separating-ninja-fact-fiction.mp3?awCollectionId=1009&awEpisodeId=928385

Can NASA Hit An Asteroid with a DART?

In 2022, NASA is planning on ramming a spacecraft into an asteroid to knock it off course. Learn more about the DART mission on this (...)

  • Category: Web TECH
  • play episode https://www.podtrac.com/pts/redirect.mp3/streaming.brainstuffshow.com/brainstuff/2017-09-11-brainstuff-nasa-dart-1.mp3?awCollectionId=1009&awEpisodeId=928365

Millennials Buy Homes For Their Dogs

Millennials are buying real estate, but not for reasons you'd expect. A third of them say they bought their house for their (...)

  • Category: Web TECH
  • play episode https://www.podtrac.com/pts/redirect.mp3/streaming.brainstuffshow.com/brainstuff/2017-09-06-brainstuff-millennials-dogs.mp3?awCollectionId=1009&awEpisodeId=928327

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