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Tech Companies Announce Plan To Identify Extremist Content Online

Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and YouTube, which is owned by Google, have announced they are going to work together to identify extremist content. (...)

  • Category: Web TECH
  • play episode https://ondemand.npr.org/anon.npr-mp3/npr/atc/2016/12/20161206_atc_tech_companies_announce_plan_to_identify_extremist_content_online.mp3?sc=16&orgId=1&forsearch=0&topicId=1019&d=158&p=2&story=504590391&t=progseg&e=504541078&seg=5&ft=ryop&f=1019

Real Parents, Real Talk About Kids And Screens

How do you cope with parenting in the digital age? And how do you balance it all? How do you protect your kids, yet give them the freedom to (...)

  • Category: Web TECH
  • play episode https://ondemand.npr.org/anon.npr-mp3/npr/me/2016/12/20161206_me_real_parents_real_talk_about_kids_and_screens.mp3?sc=16&orgId=1&forsearch=0&topicId=1013&d=176&p=3&story=496907205&t=progseg&e=504519882&seg=17&ft=ryop&f=1019

Despite Its Promise, The Internet Of Things Remains Vulnerable

There is currently no government regulation around the Internet of things, and Security technologist Bruce Schneier fears it will take a disaster (...)

  • Category: Web TECH
  • play episode https://ondemand.npr.org/anon.npr-mp3/npr/atc/2016/12/20161205_atc_denial_of_service_attacks.mp3?sc=16&orgId=1&forsearch=0&topicId=1019&d=170&p=2&story=504467134&t=progseg&e=504401819&seg=9&ft=ryop&f=1019

Video Calls Replace In-Person Visits In Some Jails

Video visitation is growing in popularity at U.S. jails, but there's a catch: Many jails have ended in-person visits between inmates and their (...)

  • Category: Web TECH
  • play episode https://ondemand.npr.org/anon.npr-mp3/npr/atc/2016/12/20161205_atc_video_visits_replace_the_real_thing_in_jails.mp3?sc=16&orgId=1&forsearch=0&topicId=1091&d=272&p=2&story=504458311&t=progseg&e=504401819&seg=3&ft=ryop&f=1019

Tech Plays Role As The Weapon Of Choice In Crime Fiction

NPR's Art Silverman reads a lot of crime thrillers. In the last year, he's noticed "The Internet of Things" seems to being playing a big role as (...)

  • Category: Web TECH
  • play episode https://ondemand.npr.org/anon.npr-mp3/npr/atc/2016/12/20161205_atc_tech_plays_role_as_the_weapon_of_choice_in_crime_fiction.mp3?sc=16&orgId=1&forsearch=0&topicId=1008&d=279&p=2&story=504467141&t=progseg&e=504401819&seg=10&ft=ryop&f=1019

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