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Airbnb unveils virtual travel experiences

9 d'abril[ —]
Virtual Airbnb Experiences pairs travelers with local hosts from more than 30 countries

He dreamed of walking across a graduation stage, now he can't

9 d'abril[ —]
Jonquall Carrothers would've been the first man in his family to walk across a graduation stage, now he can't. Watch more human stories of the pandemic.

She has to tell grandma over and over why she can't come inside

9 d'abril[ —]
Teresa Tomassoni's grandmother has dementia and is isolated in an assisted living facility. She visits her through a window but her grandmother struggles to understand why. Watch more human stories of the pandemic.

Americans abroad don't want to come home over safety concerns

9 d'abril[ —]
Carly Fuglei was with a group of Danish friends in Beirut last month when she first considered moving back to the United States. They were preparing to leave Lebanon amid fears of a major coronavirus outbreak there, and tried to convince her to do the same.

86-year-old who broke social distancing space in ER and grabbed IV pole died after being shoved: NYT

9 d'abril[ —]
An 86-year-old woman with dementia who broke coronavirus social distancing guidelines and grabbed onto another patient's IV pole in the emergency room was shoved, fell to the floor and later died of her injuries, the New York Times reported.

Princess Diana's Bahamas vacation home is up for sale

9 d'abril[ —]
Here's a home we wouldn't mind isolating in: a Bahamas beach house with a pool, five bedrooms, a terrace and 180 feet of private white-sand frontage.

This overwhelmed hospital's workers say people are dying in hallways before help can arrive

9 d'abril[ —]
A Detroit hospital has been so overwhelmed by the influx of Covid-19 patients that at least 2 people have died in its emergency room hallways before help can arrive, health care workers there told CNN.

Charming, chaotic scenes of family life in small-town America

9 d'abril[ —]
In Julie Blackmon's photographs, her quiet neighborhood in Springfield, Missouri, is transformed into a theatrical stage where children reign. They gather poolside in the balmy summer; direct talent shows in the garage; and prepare to take flight off of kitchen chairs, leaving toys and household ephemera strewn about. Adults, when they do appear, are often cropped out of frame, obscured like the unintelligible grownups of Charlie Brown's world.

Best Turkish foods: 23 delicious dishes

9 d'abril[ —]
Turkey may be famous for its kebabs, but the popular dish is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Turkish cuisine.

Prince William and Kate video call children at school to boost morale

9 d'abril[ —]
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge spread some Easter cheer to pupils and teachers at one primary school in the UK when they dialed in for a video call while the country is on lockdown.

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