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Nostalgic photos from the Instagram of the 1950s

31 de març[ —]
A photo shows two women sitting in someone's teal-colored living room, drinking beer, smoking cigarettes and laughing uproariously at something off-camera.

His work sells for millions but you've probably never heard this artist's name

31 de març[ —]
Andy Warhol, David Hockney, Vincent van Gogh -- in 2019, Zao Wou-Ki outsold them all. In fact, the $238 million generated by the late painter's art at auctions last year was surpassed only by sums achieved Picasso and Monet.

Doctor: I want my kids to know this 'if they lose me' to coronavirus

31 de març[ —]
Dr. Cornelia Griggs speaks with CNN's Don Lemon about what she's seeing every shift in her hospital, and what she wants her children to know in case they lose her to coronavirus.

See temporary hospitals set up in Central Park

30 de març[ —]
Temporary hospitals are being set up in Central Park, a convention center, and on a ship as New York scrambles to increase the state's healthcare system capacity.

Doctor turns his scuba equipment into a medical mask

30 de març[ —]
With global shortages of protective equipment endangering lives every day, a Spanish doctor has found a novel solution.

These dancers may stun you because they can't hear music

27 de març[ —]
Dancers and musicians who are hard of hearing or blind perform around the world with the China Disabled People's Performing Art Troupe.

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