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The way you vape could make it even more dangerous

16 September[ —]
In the wake of six deaths and 380 cases of confirmed and probable lung disease across the US, the Trump administration has called for banning most flavored e-cigarettes because of their huge appeal to young people.

China's Mengniu to buy baby formula maker Bellamy's for $1 billion

16 September[ —]
One of China's biggest dairy companies is gearing up for a massive takeover of an Australian baby formula maker.

New Kavanaugh claims detonate in heat of 2020 election

16 September[ —]
• New sexual assault allegation against Supreme Court justice

Ric Ocasek, lead singer of The Cars, found dead

16 September[ —]
Ric Ocasek, lead singer of the rock band The Cars, died Sunday in New York City, police said.

Hurricane Dorian survivors spared by Humberto still face an uncertain future

16 September[ —]
As Tropical Storm Humberto passed by the Bahamas before becoming a hurricane, residents recovering from Hurricane Dorian worried they would be pummeled again before being able to recover.

Remember when Björk wore a swan dress at the Oscars?

16 September[ —]
In one of the oddest red carpet moments of all time, the Icelandic singer arrived in a faux swan dress, "laid" some oversized eggs and made fashion history.

Trump may no longer be the gift that keeps on giving for Netanyahu

16 September[ —]
Just as the Sabbath was ending on Saturday night in Israel, US President Donald Trump made one more foray into Israeli politics from Washington, DC.

The US sent bomb-sniffing dogs to Jordan. Now they're dying from poor treatment

16 September[ —]
Bomb-sniffing dogs sent from the United States to its Middle Eastern ally Jordan are falling ill and dying due to poor treatment and negligence, a federal investigation has found.

Cupp: Want to beat Trump? Don't do this

16 September[ —]
CNN's SE Cupp reviews the ABC Democratic debate, pointing out that if Democrats want to prioritize beating President Donald Trump in 2020, they're no longer acting like it.

Purdue Pharma files for bankruptcy

16 September[ —]
Purdue Pharma filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in New York Sunday as part of its framework for settling litigation with multiple states and governments.

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