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Miss Manners: No good way to mask-shame

12 d'agost, per  By Judith Martin, Nicholas Martin and Jacobina Martin[ —]
Those who don’t wear one won’t change their ways by you alerting them.

Ask Amy: Husband patrols wife’s feelings

12 d'agost, per  By Amy Dickinson[ —]
He doesn’t understand why she thinks he isn’t supportive.

Thousands of women fought against the right to vote. Their reasons still resonate today.

11 d'agost[ —]
The anti-suffragist women would become a nationwide force that would influence later generations of conservative women.

ABC finally released the political ‘Blackish’ episode it refused to air two years ago. It feels fresher than ever.

11 d'agost, per  By Bethonie Butler[ —]
Tensions over the 2018 episode led to "Blackish" creator Kenya Barris's departure from ABC Studios.

The pandemic hasn’t hit Syria hard yet. When it does, it’ll be a disaster.

11 d'agost, per  By David Adesnik[ —]
Infections are rising in a country that is unprepared for the coronavirus.

Carolyn Hax: Should mom rock the boat about sons-in-law’s behavior at cabin?

11 d'agost, per  By Carolyn Hax[ —]
During family vacations, he spends a lot of time drinking with the neighbors.

Drawing lessons from chaotic primaries, officials scrambled to head off voting problems

11 d'agost, per  By Amy Gardner and Dan Simmons[ —]
If election officials in Georgia and Wisconsin wanted to prove one thing during primary and runoff elections Tuesday, it was that they could do a better job managing lines, operating equipment and counting mail ballots than they did in earlier contests this year.

Rep. Omar vanquishes primary challenger, the latest victory for liberals

11 d'agost, per  By Rachael Bade[ —]
The victory by the Minnesota Democrat put to bed weeks of speculation that her career on Capitol Hill could be cut short by an opponent who argued that Ilhan Omar was more interested in fame than representing her district.

Inside the selection process: Tough questions, 11 finalists and many lawyers

11 d'agost, per  By Michael Scherer[ —]
Candidates were asked what they thought Donald Trump would nickname them, among other things.

QAnon conspiracy theory believer wins GOP congressional runoff in Georgia

11 d'agost, per  By Isaac Stanley-Becker and Rachael Bade[ —]
Marjorie Taylor Greene has expressed support for the baseless theory, which the FBI last year identified as a potential domestic terrorism threat.

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