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I am a theater critic in New York. Not a hair salon in Dublin. Let me explain.

4 August, by By Peter Marks[ —]
How a comedy of errors on Irish Twitter led to an honorary doctorate in hairdressing.

Why Trump keeps pretending to be a dictator

4 August, by By Paul Waldman[ —]
He is play-acting at authoritarianism while the covid-19 death toll mounts.

Beyoncé shows that modern Blackness neither begins nor ends with slavery

4 August, by By Kinitra D. Brooks[ —]
Beyoncé has gone all-in on Black. And Beyoncé doesn’t lose.

The NFL has always prioritized competitive fairness. That won’t be possible this season.

4 August, by By Mark Maske[ —]
Games could be rescheduled, teams could end up playing different numbers of games and key players could be put in quarantine as the NFL attempts to play a season amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Major explosion rocks Beirut

4 August, by By Sarah Dadouch and Louisa Loveluck[ —]
The blast in Lebanon’s capital shattered sections of buildings, and the shock wave knocked people to the ground. The cause of the blast was not immediately clear.

Ask Amy: Family survivor doesn’t want to talk about it

4 August, by By Amy Dickinson[ —]
Reader wants to know how politely deflect uncomfortable questions.

Miss Manners: Must we return to shaking hands?

4 August, by By Judith Martin, Nicholas Martin and Jacobina Martin[ —]
We’ve stopped during coronavirus, but one reader wants to avoid it permanently.

BP built its business on oil and gas. Now climate change is taking it apart.

4 August, by By Steven Mufson[ —]
The oil giant is preparing for a 40 percent output cut and ten-fold increase in spending on low-carbon energy.

What Confederate statues and some American bird names have in common

4 August, by By Gabriel Foley and Jordan Rutter[ —]
Having a species named after you is an honor. Not everyone deserves it.

Mainstream media: Stop admiring good interviews and reform your approach

4 August, by By Jennifer Rubin[ —]
It's time for TV media to do some self-reflection.

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