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A’s coach apologizes for ‘racist and horrible salute’ he says was unintentional

7 août, par By Des Bieler[ —]
As Oakland players were coming off the field, a telecast showed bench coach Ryan Christenson in a pose that resembled a Nazi salute.

Ask Amy: Woman ponders ‘outing’ friend’s husband now that the marriage is troubled

7 août, par By Amy Dickinson[ —]
Reader suspected years ago that friend’s spouse was gay or bisexual, but she said nothing.

Miss Manners: Why can’t we just accept ‘I’m sorry’ with grace?

7 août, par By Judith Martin, Nicholas Martin and Jacobina Martin[ —]
People seem to go on the offensive, telling others not to feel bad.

A new nuclear race is underway, 75 years after the U.S. dropped the bomb

7 août, par By Ishaan Tharoor[ —]
“We have forgotten how to fear nuclear war. And the bad thing about that is that if people aren’t afraid of it, it will become inevitable.”

How Stephen Miller went from teen troll to Trump whisperer

7 août, par By Carlos Lozada[ —]
Jean Guerrero’s new book, “Hatemonger,” details the Trump aide’s early influences -- and how they shaped his work for the president.

As Fauci battles the pandemic and politics, his grateful neighbors celebrate him as a hero

7 août, par By Marisa Iati[ —]
One of Anthony Fauci's neighbors is selling yard signs that say "Thank you Dr Fauci!"

A White author grapples with a family history of racial oppression

7 août, par By Erik Gleibermann[ —]
Edward Ball sketches a portrait of his Klansman ancestor, a Black victim and post-Civil War New Orleans.

Taking on the hardest cases — without DNA — and setting the innocent free

7 août, par By Barbara Hagerty[ —]
Jim McCloskey describes how his faith fueled his work, and how his work tested his faith.

Death toll from Beirut blasts tops 150 as search for victims continues

7 août, par By Sarah Dadouch, Erin Cunningham and Louisa Loveluck[ —]
Investigators probing the explosions were set to question key officials on Friday.

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