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The Fate of Trump’s Financial Records

10 juillet[ —]
In a stunning defeat for the president, the Supreme Court ruled against his claims that he was immune to an examination of his finances.

Trump Would Like to See You Now

10 juillet, par Jamelle Bouie[ —]
Why does the president want to open everything up? It’s not because it’s safe to do so.

Tammy Duckworth: Tucker Carlson Doesn’t Know What Patriotism Is

9 juillet, par Tammy Duckworth[ —]
Neither does President Trump.

Teletherapy, Popular in the Pandemic, May Outlast It

9 juillet, par Jeff Wilser[ —]
Some therapists find that remote therapy is so convenient to their patients that they will continue with it.

Is Trump’s Fate Sealed?

9 juillet[ —]
Is this the end of Trump? What about schools?

Has History Finally Caught Up With Roger Stone? It May Be Up to Trump

9 juillet, par Michael D. Shear[ —]
He embraced the “dark arts” of political sabotage and trickery for decades. Now he will serve more than three years in prison, unless his friend the president bails him out.

Try Tiles

8 juillet, par The New York Times[ —]
Our soothing matching game may help you de-stress.

Theater’s Next Act? A Show That’s All in Your Head

8 juillet, par Alexis Soloski[ —]
Immersive theater, timed and ticketed, has arrived in virtual reality. Is this a brave new pixelated world for live performance? Or just another app?

What Was the Problem With ‘Wyatt Cenac’s Problem Areas’?

8 juillet, par Dave Itzkoff[ —]
Two years ago, his HBO series tried to take on police reform in a thoughtful, comedic way. But being ahead of its time didn’t help keep it on the air.

What’s the Best Exercise for You? Twins Can Provide an Answer

8 juillet, par Gretchen Reynolds[ —]
Almost everyone responds to the right exercise program, but the right program is not genetics-dependent.

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