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Trump Says Post Office Needs Funding That He Opposed to Handle Mail Votes

13 août, par The New York Times[ —]
President Trump tried to pin a derogatory nickname on Kamala Harris. Public health experts will brief her and Joe Biden today. Here’s the latest.

Daimler to Settle U.S. Emissions Charges for $2.2 Billion

13 août, par Jack Ewing[ —]
The agreement is a small fraction of the sum that Volkswagen paid after admitting to emissions cheating in 2015.

Labor Dept. Lawyer Says Trump Appointee Intervened in Oracle Case

13 août, par Noam Scheiber, David McCabe and Maggie Haberman[ —]
A litigator asserts that she faced reprisal after saying Secretary Eugene Scalia was set to settle a discrimination suit for a sum she found too low.

Who Would Replace Kamala Harris in the Senate for California? Let the Jockeying Begin

13 août, par Shawn Hubler[ —]
As the Democratic vice-presidential nominee hits the campaign trail, a race to replace her kicks off.

Why Parents, With ‘No Good Choice’ This School Year, Are Blaming One Another

13 août, par Claire Cain Miller[ —]
Every choice on what to do about schooling amid a pandemic is potentially risky or unfair. Even if the problem is systemic, the angst is personal.

Israel and United Arab Emirates Strike Major Diplomatic Agreement

13 août, par Peter Baker, Isabel Kershner and David D. Kirkpatrick[ —]
President Trump announced that Israel and the United Arab Emirates would establish “full normalization of relations” and that in exchange Israel would forgo for now “declaring sovereignty” over occupied West Bank territory.

Think QAnon Is on the Fringe? So Was the Tea Party

13 août, par Kevin Roose[ —]
Followers of the pro-Trump conspiracy theory are winning elections and worrying moderate Republicans. Sound familiar?

What Phil Collins and the YouTube Twins Tell Us About Music

13 août, par Sandra E. Garcia[ —]
The brothers Tim and Fred Williams have wowed the internet with their YouTube reactions to vintage music. Why are generation-spanning videos like theirs so popular right now?

‘Boys State’ Review: Give Me a Teen and I’ll Show You a Politician

13 août, par Manohla Dargis[ —]
The winning if overly eager-to-please documentary “Boys State” looks at an annual educational program for teenage boys.

In N.Y.C.’s Coronavirus Surge, a Frightening Echo of the 1918 Flu

13 août, par Apoorva Mandavilli[ —]
This spring, death rates rivaled those seen during the country’s deadliest pandemic, a new study finds. “What 1918 looked like is basically this.”

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