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Harvey Weinstein Trial: Jurors Suggest They Are Split on 2 Most Serious Charges

21 February, by Jan Ransom[ —]
The judge told the jury to keep deliberating after it sent a note asking if it could be deadlocked on the top counts, but unanimous on others.

The Billionaire Election

21 February, by Anand Giridharadas[ —]
Does the world belong to them or to us?

Why Democrats Are Bound for Disaster

21 February, by Frank Bruni[ —]
Win, lose or draw, there’s no legitimacy in America anymore.

Nevada Democrats Now Say They’ll Rely on a Phone Hotline for Caucus Results

21 February, by Reid J. Epstein[ —]
The state party, in an effort to bolster its caucuses on Saturday and avoid a repeat of Iowa’s mess, said it would not have precinct leaders report results through Google Forms.

German Mayors Find Themselves on Front Lines of the ‘Politics of Hate’

21 February, by Katrin Bennhold and Melissa Eddy[ —]
As the far right gains traction, harassment and intimidation of local officials are mounting, threatening democracy at the grass roots.

The Authoritarian Stamp of Jim Crow

21 February, by Jamelle Bouie[ —]
We don’t have to look overseas to find models that help explain where Trumpism may be taking us.

Nevada Caucuses Arrive as the State Is Booming. Will Trump Get the Credit?

21 February, by Jack Healy and Roger Kisby[ —]
In a state that has become a Democratic stronghold, housing prices have rebounded and Las Vegas is shattering visitor records.

Trump Calls Warning of Russian 2020 Meddling a Democratic ‘Hoax’

21 February, by Katie Rogers[ —]
The president said the intelligence finding that Russia was again meddling in a coming presidential election in his favor was a partisan “misinformation campaign.”

Condé Nast to Limit the Use of NDAs

21 February, by Katie Robertson[ —]
The corporate home of The New Yorker, which reported on Harvey Weinstein and others who have used nondisclosure agreements to silence accusers, steps back from a common settlement tactic.

At Walgreens, Complaints of Medication Errors Go Missing

21 February, by Ellen Gabler[ —]
Consultants working on a report for the drugstore chain were told not to mention some concerns raised by employees. Safety issues have also been flagged at CVS.

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