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Hong Kong protests intensify as police dispute storming university amid explosions

18 novembre[ —]
Protests in Hong Kong have intensified with live bullets and explosions as police seek to end the standoff at Polytechnic University.

Man shoots brother after mistaking him for hurt deer

17 novembre[ —]
A man shot his brother after mistaking him for an injured deer in a hunting accident .

Taiwan’s president predicts more pressure from China

17 novembre[ —]
She's overseen an upgrade of Taiwan's defense against China’s military threat.

Bloomberg apologizes for ‘stop and frisk’ police practice

17 novembre[ —]
Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is reversing his longstanding support of the controversial “stop and frisk” police strategy ahead of a potential Democratic presidential run

Federal charges link New Jersey man to synagogue vandalism

17 novembre[ —]
Vandalism attacks two months ago against synagogues in Michigan and Wisconsin.

No 'answers' after university freshman found dead in gorge after frat party

17 novembre[ —]
A Cornell University student has died after attending an off-campus frat party. Now, his parents are demanding answers.

Two Arkansas chemistry professors accused of making meth

17 novembre[ —]
Two Arkansas college chemistry professors have been arrested on charges of making meth, in an apparent case of life imitating art

Trial goes to larger courtroom for man charged in 8 killings

17 novembre[ —]
A Mississippi judge is moving the trial of a man charged with killing a sheriff’s deputy and seven other people

Dunkin’ bans the ‘double-cup’ as it swaps foam for paper

17 novembre[ —]
The Dunkin’ coffee chain says customers will have to do without the “double cup.”

Gunman still at large after killing outside Chicago school

17 novembre[ —]
Authorities are still searching for a man who allegedly shot and killed his daughter’s mother’s new boyfriend of outside of a Chicago elementary school

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