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Chan Zuckerberg Initiative acquires Meta's scientific search engine

24 January, by Andrew Dalton[ —]
In September, Facebook CEO and his wife Dr. Priscilla Chan promised to spend a whopping $3 billion of the Chan Zuckerberg Initiatives extensive capital over the next 10 years, as it works towards its lofty goal of curing, preventing or managing all...

Xbox One gets its first taste of Creators Update features

23 January, by Jon Fingas[ —]
You dont have to wait long to try some of the big Xbox One upgrades that Microsoft has been promising lately. The company is trotting out an Xbox Insider preview update that includes a few of the bigger improvements that will come alongside the Cre...

'Final Fantasy XV' kicks off a limited-time carnival event

23 January, by Jon Fingas[ —]
Its not just multiplayer games that can host limited-time events. Square Enix is launching the Moogle Chocobo Carnival, a time-sensitive Final Fantasy XV feature, today (January 23rd) at 8PM Eastern. So long as you have the Holiday Pack add-on (fr...

Ajit Pai confirmed as new head of the FCC

23 January, by Nathan Ingraham[ —]
Just as expected, Ajit Pai has been named as the new chairman of the FCC, replacing the outgoing Tom Wheeler. Pai has worked at the FCC since May of 2012, when he was nominated by President Obama as the senior Republican party commissioner. In his ti...

Right to Repair bills introduced in five states

23 January, by Roberto Baldwin[ —]
Anyone with a cracked iPhone screen knows what a pain it is to go through Apple to get it repaired. You have to make a Genius Bar appointment, which may or may not still require you to wait around for a service technician. Then it could be hours befo...

Yelp's redesigned homepage puts photos front and center

23 January, by Edgar Alvarez[ —]
Yelpers everywhere will soon be greeted with a new homepage. Earlier today, Yelp announced its rolling out a redesign that focuses on showcasing imagery from users, as well as content from different local services (think: not only restaurants). Yelp...

Humanoid beer-and-pizza-fetching robot is charmingly retro

23 January, by Cherlynn Low[ —]
Delivery robots are starting to hit the streets, but few do it with as much joie de vivre as a new device called the Fundroid. The gender-neutral beer-and-pizza-fetching robot, lovingly nicknamed Funnie, debuted at the Software For Artists event Sund...

The White House's Spanish-language website is gone, for now

23 January, by Jessica Conditt[ —]
Under both George W. Bush and Barack Obama, the White House maintained a Spanish-language version of its official website, while the Obama administration also updated its companion Twitter account, @LaCasaBlanca. Since noon on Friday, just after Pres...

White House adds four 'Skype seats' for press briefings

23 January, by Billy Steele[ —]
Starting this week, the White House will open up four so-called Skype seats to reporters outside of Washington, DC. Press secretary Sean Spicer announced the move in a briefing today, one that he says will "open up the briefing room to journalists wh...

AT&T adds an international roaming day pass with catches

23 January, by Jon Fingas[ —]
AT&T subscribers havent had the greatest international roaming options. The carriers Passport plans give you a tiny amount of data even at the highest tier, which could make it cheaper to unlock your phone and use a travel-friendly SIM card. At...

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