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UberEats food deliveries come to Edinburgh

26 April, by Jamie Rigg[ —]
After launching in London last summer, Ubers food delivery service UberEats has expanded to Manchester, Birmingham, and recently, it added the useful option of scheduling post-pub burger drop-offs ahead of time. Tomorrow, UberEats is heading further...

Nomiku Sous Chef essentially offers TV dinners for foodies

26 April, by Nicole Lee[ —]
Nomiku debuted nearly five years ago with a pretty innovative idea: affordable sous vide cooking in your own home. Back then, machines that did sous vide -- a way of cooking vacuum-packed foods in a temperature-controlled water bath -- was still a pr...

The UK is worried fake news will impact General Election result

26 April, by Nick Summers[ —]
UK politicians are worried fake news will have an impact on the outcome of the General Election in June. Speaking with The Guardian, Damian Collins, a Conservative MP and the chairman of the culture, media and sport select committee, has warned that...

EU court rules selling pre-loaded pirate boxes is illegal

26 April, by Matt Brian[ —]
The European Court of Justice (CJEU) has today handed down a judgement that could drastically affect how multimedia streaming boxes are sold across the continent. In a case involving Dutch anti-piracy group BREIN and local online store Filmspeler.nl...

Twitter is gaining more users, losing less money

26 April, by Daniel Cooper[ —]
Twitter has updated us on the state of its business and, if you squint, you can almost see that things are picking up for the service. The company revealed that while revenues fell by $164 million, it managed to trim its quarterly losses down to just...

Pioneer and Onkyo slip Chromecast support into more audio devices

26 April, by Richard Lawler[ —]
Owners of some recent audio products from Onkyo and Pioneer dont need a dongle for Chromecast support anymore. At CES in 2016 Google announced a push for Chromecast support in more audio products, but its taken until now for updates adding the feat...

The Morning After: Wednesday, April 26th 2017

26 April, by Mat Smith[ —]
In case you missed it yesterday, one Google cofounder is making a flying (kinda) car, while the other has a secret blimp, Uber is having a pretty awful year (already), and theres a for-real tricorder. The makers of it reckon its better than the Sta...

Twitter plans to broadcast live videos all day, every day

26 April, by Mariella Moon[ —]
Twitter wants to air more live videos on its platform, and it wants to air them all day every day. In an interview with Buzzfeed News, the companys COO and CFO Anthony Noto said Twitter plans to show live sports, news and entertainment videos in its...

Man arrested after knocking over a 300-pound security robot

26 April, by Mat Smith[ —]
Sure, the K5 isnt the cutest robot making its first steps into human society, but that doesnt mean drunks get to knock it over. One of the five-foot droids took a tumble last week in Mountain View, when a drunk man took umbrage to its whistlin, pa...

Verizon's $80 prepaid plan is unlimited but not perfect

26 April, by Mariella Moon[ —]
Verizon has launched a new prepaid plan that sounds more enticing than many of its competitors. At $80 a month, it offers unlimited data, talk and text in the country. The carrier also tacked on unlimited text to 200 other international destinations...

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