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The Nokia 8110 Reloaded is HMD's latest retro feature phone

25 February, by Jamie Rigg[ —]
Many companies descend on the annual Mobile World Congress event to plug their first smartphone launches of the year. Its an established routine, but HMD Global undeniably stole the show in 2017 with, of all things, a new feature phone. Flexing its...

Live from Samsung's Galaxy S9 event at MWC 2018!

25 February, by Edgar Alvarez[ —]
Today is the day Samsung will be unveiling its highly anticipated Galaxy S9, the companys latest flagship smartphone. As we discussed earlier this week, you can expect an improved, smarter camera on the handset, as well as an answer to Apples Animo...

Huawei's MediaPad M5 is the first tablet with a curved glass screen

25 February, by Jon Fingas[ —]
Youd be forgiven for thinking that premium Android tablets were on the way out. While youll see occasional high-end entries like the Galaxy Tab S3, many are low-cost slates that dont exactly push the boundaries of design. Huawei, however, wants to...

Huawei's MateBook X Pro crams a pop-up webcam into the keyboard

25 February, by Cherlynn Low[ —]
When Huawei unveiled its first true laptop barely a year ago, it was a slightly more useful MacBook lookalike. While the MateBook X looked a lot like Apples device, it offered some minor changes that alleviated common grievances, including the MacBo...

Intel makes huge 5G promises for the 2020 Olympics

25 February, by Devindra Hardawar[ —]
It might seem strange to say it, but 5G is creeping closer to reality. Intel has already been powering a "broad-scale" 5G network at the PyeongChang Winter Olympics, but come the 2020 games in Tokyo, Intel is planning to make an even bigger splash. A...

Apple will store China's iCloud keys on local servers

25 February, by Jon Fingas[ —]
Apple has already bent over backwards in a bid to keep doing business in China, but itll have to bend a little further. As of the end of February, the company will host mainland Chinese users iCloud keys on servers located within the country -- an...

Sony Music chairman leaves to form Apple partnership

25 February, by Jon Fingas[ —]
Apples music exec connections may extend beyond the likes of Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre. Variety sources have claimed that Sony Music chairman Doug Morris is leaving the publisher at the end of March to help run a new label, 12 Tone, that will have a...

Chrome's pull-to-refresh starts making its way to Chromebooks

25 February, by Mariella Moon[ —]
Chrome on Chromebooks and Windows-2-in-1 devices is on its way to becoming more like its sibling on mobile. As lucasban has posted on Reddit, the pull-to-refresh gesture is now available on the browsers developer channel for those platforms. While t...

Nearly half of 2017's cryptocurrencies have already failed

25 February, by Jon Fingas[ —]
The surging price of bitcoin (among others) in 2017 led more than a few companies to hop on the cryptocurrency bandwagon with hopes of striking it rich almost overnight. Many of their initial coin offerings seemed dodgy from the outset... and it tur...

LG’s V30S ThinQ is the AI-fueled phone the V30 should’ve been

25 February, by Chris Velazco[ —]
In the midst of a tricky fiscal year, LG decided to run with a new strategy: cook up interim smartphones to sell between its major flagship releases. The plan was based in part on the surprising success of phones like the X cam, and since the company...

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