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Nintendo teases more Switch details for a January livestream

27 October, by Timothy J. Seppala[ —]
Nintendo has gone on record saying that last weeks tease of the Switch was the last wed hear of the new console this year. Well, the gaming juggernaut isnt holding additional details hostage for too long after 2017 starts. Come January 12th, the c...

'Hearthstone' shakes up how tournaments will work

27 October, by Timothy J. Seppala[ —]
Blizzards Hearthstone has been a darling on the pro gaming circuit for awhile, and the card games next season should cement its eSports focus even further. A big part of that is how its developer is organizing competitions, rankings and how tournam...

Samsung profits dip 30 percent due to exploding Note 7s

27 October, by Mat Smith[ —]
The worlds largest smartphone makers profits plunged 30 percent due an exploding flagship model. Samsungs operating profit for the third quarter was $4.6 billion, down from $6.4 million the quarter before, making it the lowest operating profit the...

'Night in the Woods' brings cynical cats to PS4, PC in January

27 October, by Jessica Conditt[ —]
Adorable independent adventure game Night in the Woods has been in development for just shy of three years, following a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign in October 2013 that asked for $50,000 and ended up earning $209,000. In an update to that...

Watch Microsoft's Surface event in 10 minutes

27 October, by Jon Fingas[ —]
Microsoft had no shortage of announcements at its big Surface event. The Surface Studio all-in-one was undoubtedly the centerpiece, but the tech pioneer also unveiled a supercharged Surface Book, low-cost third-party VR headsets, the art-oriented Sur...

Apple TV's 'TV guide' app expected to appear tomorrow

27 October, by Richard Lawler[ —]
Add one more thing to our list of anticipated announcements during Apples launch event tomorrow: a new "guide" for Apple TV. First reported by Recode in August, now sources tell it and USA Today that an app built to help people discover TV shows fro...

What happened at Microsoft's Surface event

27 October, by Nathan Ingraham[ —]
Microsoft spent more than two hours on stage today introducing new products and software updates, but it all really comes down to one thing: the Surface Studio. Its one of the most impressive pieces of hardware Microsoft has ever developed and a tru...

Microsoft is making a play for Apple's base of creatives

26 October, by Roberto Baldwin[ —]
During todays Surface event Microsoft executives used the word "creative" tens of thousands of times. Sure, they talked about using Word, Excel and Powerpoint as a way to achieve these artistic goals, but at the core the company thats traditionally...

Tesla posts first profit in two years

26 October, by Roberto Baldwin[ —]
Teslas having a good month. Last week it announced that all the cars its now producing will have the hardware needed for fully autonomous driving, on Friday its holding an event in Los Angeles where its expected to unveil a solar panel-filled roo...

Google Pixel cameras are experiencing excessive lens flare

26 October, by Andrew Dalton[ —]
The new Google Pixel and Pixel XL have plenty of features that can stand up to the competition, but theres one that Google apparently didnt intend on including: excessive lens flare on that highly rated camera. Redditors and members of googles own...

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