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'Doctor Who Time Vortex VR' is an endless runner with a TARDIS

14 December, by Rob LeFebvre[ —]
Fans of our favorite Time Lord can get all timey-wimey with a VR reboot of Doctor Who Time Vortex 360, a web/mobile game that came out this past May. You can steer the TARDIS through various space obstacles, Rez-style, with Cardboard, Daydream, Gear...

Hyundai plans 38 EVs as it tries to catch up with rivals

14 December, by Rachel England[ —]
Hyundai and its affiliate Kia have revealed ambitious plans to bring as many as 38 green cars to market in the next eight years, with seven models slated for launch in the next five. Most of them will be electric vehicles, senior vice president Lee K...

Redbox returns to internet video with On Demand service

13 December, by Jon Fingas[ —]
The last time Redbox tried online video in earnest it... didnt go so well. The companys Redbox Instant was effectively trying to challenge Netflix head-on, which seemed foolhardy even in 2013. After lots of teasing, though, its ready for a comebac...

Microsoft unveils improved AI-powered search features for Bing

13 December, by Mallory Locklear[ —]
Microsoft unveiled a handful of new intelligent search features for Bing at an event held in San Francisco today. Powered by AI, the search updates are meant to provide more thorough answers and allow for more conversational or general search queries...

Microsoft adds more AI smarts to Office 365

13 December, by Rob LeFebvre[ —]
Microsoft has been adding cloud-based artificial intelligence to its popular Office suite for years now. In addition to new AI-focused upgrades to Cortana and Bing, the company also announced several new tools for Word, Excel and Outlook to help you...

Microsoft's Cortana can now suggest follow-up tasks

13 December, by Jon Fingas[ —]
Microsoft may not be the biggest player in the AI assistant space, but it has some tricks that could give it an edge. The software giant has used an AI-themed event to demo Cortanas widening abilities, most notably to chain skills together based o...

Attorneys general request last-minute delay for net neutrality vote

13 December, by Mallory Locklear[ —]
The FCCs controversial vote on net neutrality protections is scheduled to take place tomorrow, and as we get down to the wire, opposition to the proposal hasnt slowed. Today, 18 state attorneys general sent a letter to the FCC asking for the commis...

The Predator is coming to Ubisoft's 'Ghost Recon Wildlands'

13 December, by Rob LeFebvre[ —]
Its been 30 years since Arnold Schwarzeneggers Dutch headed into the jungles of Central America, only to find himself hunted by a stealth alien warrior nicknamed the Predator. Now players of Ghost Recon Wildlands, Ubisofts open-world tactical shoo...

Net neutrality is a double-edged sword for small ISPs

13 December, by Timothy J. Seppala[ —]
I have a love-hate relationship with Title II," Tyler Booth told Engadget. Booth is the president of Portland, Oregon-based ISP Stephouse Networks. His company serves over a thousand people in a 500 square-mile area, many who wouldnt have broadband...

Bragi's AI earbuds will recognize the sounds around you

13 December, by Jon Fingas[ —]
Bragi is determined to stand out in the increasingly crowded smart earbud space, and it might just have an ace up its sleeve. The startup and its partner Audio Analytic are promising to show off the first "context-aware earphones" at CES in January -...

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