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Google Play lets you test drive Android apps before installing them

20 October, by Jon Fingas[ —]
Googles Instant Apps are available in a few places for curious Android users, but theyve been conspicuously absent in one place: the Play Store. Wouldnt you want to check out an app before committing to it? You can now. Google is now building I...

‘Pokemon Go’ hopes new monsters will get you outside this fall

20 October, by Rob LeFebvre[ —]
While Pokémon Go may have lost some of its shine due to a number of problems like poorly run public events and a divisive invitation-only special battle system, the mobile game still has a decent fanbase. The developers have been adding new li...

Now Twitter's quest to become a 'safer' place has a schedule

20 October, by Mariella Moon[ —]
You no longer have to wonder when youll see Twitter implement the new rules promised by its CEO and outlined in that leaked email. The social network has released a "Safety Calendar," which details when it will roll out a series of new rules to make...

Google will 'fix' the Pixel 2's hidden menu button

20 October, by Timothy J. Seppala[ —]
Looks like the Pixel 2s "secret" menu button was just leftover code, after all. Google has confirmed to CNET that this was a bug, not a feature, and that itll be patched out in the future. If youre still enjoying that new phone smell, open up the...

New Tesla lawsuit accuses company of LGBT discrimination

20 October, by Rob LeFebvre[ —]
Tesla has just been hit with its second discrimination lawsuit in as many days. Just yesterday, the company was sued for racial harassment in its factories. A few months back, its diversity panel uncovered a slew of sexism. Now The Guardian reports t...

Wirecutter's best deals: Bose SoundLink Mini II speaker drops to $150

19 October, by Wirecutter[ —]
This post was done in partnership with Wirecutter, reviews for the real world. When readers choose to buy Wirecutters independently chosen editorial picks, it may earn affiliate commissions that support its work. Read their continuously updated list...

Volkswagen is building an electric supercar to tackle Pike’s Peak

19 October, by David Lumb[ —]
Last month, Volkswagen laid out a roadmap for its EV rollout, promising 300 zero-emissions vehicles by 2030. While its certainly good PR to move the company beyond its lingering diesel scandal, it also follows other automakers that recently committe...

'The Daily Show' library of Trump’s tweets opens in Chicago tomorrow

19 October, by Swapna Krishna[ —]
Back in June, we covered The Daily Shows presidential Twitter library in New York. After all, the frequency at which our Commander in Chief takes to Twitter is surely to become a part of his legacy. The library is now moving to Chicago, and you can...

Intel and Amazon partner on voice recognition tech

19 October, by Timothy J. Seppala[ —]
Intel and Amazon are partnering to combine the formers silicon and smarts with the latters Alexa voice platform. The chipmaker has introduced the Intel Speech Enabling Developer Kit to provide a "complete audio front-end solution for far-field voic...

Marvel and Netflix's 'The Punisher' will debut November 17th

19 October, by Timothy J. Seppala[ —]
Marvel and its distinguished competitor will go head-to-head this fall. But rather than the brawl playing out at comic book shops, the venues will be your living room and local multiplex. Netflix has revealed that its latest Marvel superhero antihero...

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