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'Fortnite' is coming to China

24 April, by David Lumb[ —]
The popular battle royale game Fortnite is coming to China, thanks to a partnership between its creator Epic Games and Tencent. The Chinese tech giant, which owns over 40 percent of Epic, will handle distribution and publishing. Tencent will reported...

Facebook details its fight to stop terrorist content

23 April, by Mallory Locklear[ —]
Last June, Facebook described how it uses AI to help find and take down terrorist content on its platform and in November, the company said that its AI tools had allowed it to remove nearly all ISIS- and Al Qaeda-related content before it was flagged...

Byton teases its second “experience-driven” vehicle

23 April, by David Lumb[ —]
Byton wowed us at CES back in January with its first autonomous EV concept car, a smart SUV built for passenger comfort. At the Beijing Motor Show, the company teased its second vehicle concept, an electric sedan slated to go into series production i...

Adobe Premiere makes it easier to edit Insta360 Pro footage

23 April, by Rob LeFebvre[ —]
Insta360s more affordable 8K VR camera was made available for pre-orders in 2017, with a major software update in December of that same year that kicked the high-end 360-degree cameras image processing up a notch. The camera got a stamp of approval...

Twitch's custom extensions can now ask for Bits

23 April, by Jon Fingas[ —]
You didnt think Twitch would offer streamer extensions without finding a way to generate money from them, did you? Sure enough, the customization feature now accepts Bits (the microtransactions you normally use to tip streamers) for on-page games a...

Despite bigger ambitions, Google is still an ad business

23 April, by Cherlynn Low[ —]
As we already know, Googles parent company Alphabet makes the bulk of its money from ads. We also learned in quarters past that revenue from its non-Google projects, which it calls "Other Bets," have been growing at a slow, steady rate. From the com...

Atlanta spends more than $2 million to recover from ransomware attack

23 April, by Mallory Locklear[ —]
Last month, Atlantas city government was hit with a ransomware attack that caused courthouse documents and services like payment processing to become inaccessible. The ransom demand was approximately $51,000 but according to the citys Department of...

Samsung Pay finally works with your PayPal Wallet

23 April, by Jon Fingas[ —]
Samsung Pay support for PayPal was unveiled back in July of last year with promises that it would be ready "soon," but that clearly didnt happen -- youve had to use your regular payment cards in the months since. Whatever prompted the wait, its re...

Volvo's S90 Ambience Concept is a planetarium for passengers

23 April, by Roberto Baldwin[ —]
While drivers experience most of the stress of a drive, its important to remember that passengers are also prone to anxiety. After a long day at work (or fighting Twitter trolls) it can be tough to unwind even when youre being chauffeured home. Vol...

Netflix gives 'Fast and Furious' the cartoon treatment it deserves

23 April, by Rob LeFebvre[ —]
With eight feature releases and a couple of short films, the Fast and Furious franchise has worked its way into the public consciousness. When you think about it, though, while the films are rated PG-13, the core concept is pretty kid-friendly: fast...

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