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Trump made a 20-year-old Janet Jackson song a hit again

20 October, by Timothy J. Seppala[ —]
Memes and Saturday Night Live sketches have been the only bright spots coming out of this years televised garbage fires presidential debates. Last nights final meeting between priapic Republican candidate Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton w...

ZTE crowns its crowd-sourced Project CSX winner

20 October, by Andrew Tarantola[ —]
Since the start of September, phone manufacturer ZTE has been running a crowd-sourced contest slash internet brainstorming session to figure out what features its customers want most in their next phone. Well, the results are in and ZTE has announced...

The PS4 Pro, as explained by the man who designed it

20 October, by Jessica Conditt[ —]
Sony really wants to clarify a few things about the PlayStation 4 Pro: First, the Pro doesnt signal the end of video game console generations, even though its specs and launch window fit a pattern that resembles PC or smartphone upgrade cycles more...

Supporting Peter Thiel isn't embracing 'diversity'

20 October, by Nicole Lee[ —]
Presidential candidate Donald Trump has had a rough week. After a tape was revealed of him bragging that he could grab women "by the pussy" and get away with it, several former female acquaintances have come forward accusing him of sexual assault. Bu...

Video game voice actors will strike after rejecting pay raise

20 October, by Timothy J. Seppala[ —]
The video game industry has made an offer to the SAG-AFTRA-represented video game voice actors, but the union wont put it to a vote in front of its members. Interactive Video Game Companies (VGC; the group representing the game industry) offered a n...

Automakers and Google balk at California's self-driving rules

20 October, by Andrew Dalton[ —]
Google and a cadre of automakers are not happy about the state of Californias proposed rules for autonomous vehicles, which they say would severely slow their progress towards a self-driving future. Although the state legislature approved autonomous...

Tesla won't let its cars autonomously drive for Uber or Lyft

20 October, by David Lumb[ —]
Yesterday, Tesla announced that every new car rolling off their assembly lines from now onward will come equipped with all the hardware needed for fully autonomous driving. But deep in the release notes lies a new commandment from the electric vehicl...

Sony jumps into eSports with 'PlayStation Tournaments'

20 October, by Andrew Tarantola[ —]
How good of an NBA 2K17 player do you think you really are? Well, youre about to find out because on Thursday, Sony announced that it is teaming up with the ESL gaming network and hosting a month-long digital basketball tournament.

Razer's new Blade Pro laptop houses a mechanical keyboard

20 October, by Sean Buckley[ —]
Razer has definitely made a name for itself in the world of gaming notebooks, but for the past few years, the Blade family of laptops has had a black sheep: The Razer Blade Pro. This 17-inch machine was the companys original thin gaming notebook, bu...

Nike's power-laced Mags net millions for Parkinson's research

20 October, by Edgar Alvarez[ —]
All the nostalgia around Nikes self-lacing shoe, the 2016 Mag, came together in a major way for a great cause. Today, the sportswear titan revealed it raised $6.75 million through its online raffle and two auctions, with all proceedings going to The...

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