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He Moved Out! Now What?

14 August, by Lucia[ —]
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What should you do when your partner unexpectedly moves out, says you're still a couple yet barely sees you or talks to you?  In this podcast, dating/relationship Lucia answers an email from a woman who wonders what she should do in this situation.

No Contact Success Stories

3 August, by Lucia[ —]
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Not contacting an ex after a breakup is difficult at best and impossible at worst.  In this inspirational podcast, dating/relationship expert Lucia reads several comments from her YouTube channel of people who maintained "no contact" and ended up hearing back from their ex.

What Do Cars & Breakups Have in Common?

27 July, by Lucia[ —]
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How is your relationship with your car similar to a romantic relationship?  What makes you start to think about changing cars, or partners?  Dating/relationship expert Lucia explains, with tongue in cheek, why losing trust in your car is similar to losing trust in your partner.

If They Do THIS...Run!

19 July, by Lucia[ —]
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What should you do if your partner wants to check your phone, is jealous and thinks your clothing is too revealing?  Should you be understanding or is it time to end the relationship?  Dating/relationship Lucia expert discusses what these red flags are all symptoms of and why you need to run!

Should You Break No Contact?

12 July, by Lucia[ —]
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Is there ever a good reason to break no contact with an ex (unless you have children or business together)?  Will contacting them make them rethink the breakup and want to get back with you?  Dating/relationship expert Lucia reveals what really happens when you break no contact.

Should You Let Go?

5 July, by Lucia[ —]
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What should you do when someone breaks up with you but wants to remain friends?  Should you continue to see them or stop all contact?  Dating/relationship expert Lucia reveals if and when you should let go of an ex.

Did Tinder Kill Dating?

27 June, by Lucia[ —]
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Why does online dating seem to be so difficult these days?  Why do people you're chatting with disappear, seemingly without reason?  Dating/relationship expert Lucia explains how Tinder drastically changed the dating scene and how the "swiping" culture can be fixed.

Is Your Breakup Real or Fake?

22 June, by Lucia[ —]
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Did you know that not every breakup is real?  Sometimes, when someone breaks up with you, it's because they want to shake you up and see if you'll step up to the plate.  Dating/relationship expert Lucia describes the difference between a real and fake breakup.

Ladies: Dating is EASY if You Do THIS

15 June, by Lucia[ —]
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Women are usually ready to be exclusive and to make a commitment a lot sooner than men are.  This usually leads to fights, misunderstandings and breakups.  In this podcast, dating/relationship expert Lucia reveals the easy way to get what you want with a man.

How to Raise Someone's Interest Level

8 June, by Lucia[ —]
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When you first start to date someone, the only thing you should be focused on is raising their "interest level" in you, and everything else will take care of itself. Dating/relationship expert Lucia gives examples of what to say in order to keep things light and upbeat and in doing so, raise the interest level.

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