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P O D C A S T :  i-Awake: Consciousness Studies, Neuroscience, Spirituality and the Mind.

A podcast covering the intersection between empirical science and transcendent spirituality.
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Neurological Processes During Passive Meditation

The following post was originally part of a presentation I gave on the Neuroscience of Meditation at the MindHive event at Naropa University in (...)

  • Category: LEARNING
  • play episode http://podcasts.odiogo.com/get_mp3.mp3?f=/iawake/iAwake-Neurological_Processes_During_Passive_Meditation.mp3

Jung, Alcoholics Anonymous, And Drug Seeking Behaviour

This clip describes the relation between the theories of Carl Gustav Jung, and the creation of Alcoholics Anonymous. It also elucidates the (...)

  • Category: LEARNING
  • play episode http://podcasts.odiogo.com/get_mp3.mp3?f=/iawake/iAwake-Jung_Alcoholics_Anonymous_And_Drug_Seeking_Behaviour.mp3

Education as a Calling

The following was originally a PowerPoint presentation I gave at the 2009 ACUI (Association of College Unions International) Region 13 Conference (...)

  • Category: LEARNING
  • play episode http://podcasts.odiogo.com/get_mp3.mp3?f=/iawake/iAwake-Education_as_a_Calling.mp3

Differences in neurological activity in advanced meditators

The following is a short snippet from a presentation I gave on the Neuroscience of Meditation. Stay tuned for additional excerpts in forthcoming (...)

  • Category: LEARNING
  • play episode http://podcasts.odiogo.com/get_mp3.mp3?f=/iawake/iAwake-Differences_in_neurological_activity_in_advanced_meditators.mp3

Spiral Dynamics: An Introduction

Please note that the following post was originally a presentation based on Steve McIntosh's book, Integral Consciousness and the Future of (...)

  • Category: LEARNING
  • play episode http://podcasts.odiogo.com/get_mp3.mp3?f=/iawake/iAwake-Spiral_Dynamics-_An_Introduction.mp3

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