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The yayQuery hosts have years of experience being neck-deep in their own jQuery development, as well as providing support and training to the (...)
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Episode 23: When Things Are Things

The dog days of summer are upon us, and the yayQuerians have returned from the shadows of the unknownternet to cool you down with your regularly (...)

  • Category: Web TECH
  • play episode http://cdn.yayquery.com/ep/23/yayquery_23.mp4

Episode 22: Which Square Can I Take?

With Paul deep in the bowels of an evil deadline, team Yay enlists Ralph Holzmann to pinch hit, and unlike Mighty Casey, he belts one out of the (...)

  • Category: Web TECH
  • play episode http://cdn.yayquery.com/ep/22/yayquery_22.mp4

Episode 21: jQuery 1.5 - The Promise Lands

Ya wut? It's 2011. Time for yayQuery to take you back to front-end heaven. We got the bat, that's Julian Aubourg - he rewrote AJAX, sent the old (...)

  • Category: Web TECH
  • play episode http://cdn.yayquery.com/ep/21/yayquery_21.mp4

Episode 20: One-Year Reun-oween

Hey, what's good? We're the yayQuery podcast, it's our first birthday, and we're back to wrap you in the familiar embrace of jQuery news, (...)

  • Category: Web TECH
  • play episode http://cdn.yayquery.com/ep/20/yayquery_20.mp4

Episode ++: yayQuery Lunch Spectacular

JSConf is like, the biggest deal in conferences, and yayQuery is like, the biggest deal in podcasts, so it was only natural that the spectacular (...)

  • Category: Web TECH
  • play episode http://cdn.yayquery.com/ep/jsconf2010/yayquery_jsconf2010.ipod.mp4

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