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This is a look at what we’ve been working on as a band. A lot of vocal less recordings, a few rough tracks, and some things that frankly you (...)
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Undertow (Video)

Hey y'alls! It's been a long time. What's new? Uh huh. Uh huh. Awesome! We've been busy doing DIY packaging and whatnot for the album, New Words (...)

  • Category: ROCK and POP
  • play episode http://secondsprior.podOmatic.com/nofollow/2014-01-19T07_48_37-08_00.mp4

Tumble (Third Draft: Rough Piano, Fake Bass, and a Beat)

So I'm not sure if instrumentally I can call this song finished, because normally I have at least three keyboard layers before calling it quits. (...)

  • Category: ROCK and POP
  • play episode http://secondsprior.podOmatic.com/nofollow/2010-12-15T14_12_00-08_00.mp3

Churrs and Roll

The title for this song came from a poem of mine that was rejected from publication. It was describing the sound of an industrial air (...)

  • Category: ROCK and POP
  • play episode http://secondsprior.podOmatic.com/nofollow/2010-09-18T06_32_10-07_00.mp3


This song underwent probably the second most rewrites in our entire catalogue. And, even though it should feel overworked to us, it's actually (...)

  • Category: ROCK and POP
  • play episode http://secondsprior.podOmatic.com/nofollow/2010-09-18T06_28_34-07_00.mp3

Ick Alah

*Disclaimer* The placeholder title for this song has nothing to do with the Muslim faith. It came from the sound sample that used to be in the (...)

  • Category: ROCK and POP
  • play episode http://secondsprior.podOmatic.com/nofollow/2010-09-18T05_56_15-07_00.mp3

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