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Ben Harris answers viewer questions about his celebrity friends, exotic places he’s been, and amazing things he’s done in this video podcast. Email (...)
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Special Short: "That Dart Guy!"

Sorry it's been so long for an update, and sorry that the update isn't an actual episode! Episode Three will certainly be up soon, but for now (...)

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BHHDE Episode #002: "Ask A Ninja, Aren't You Copying That?!"

Ben adresses his podcast's similarities to the popular Ask A Ninja. You'll see by the end, they're definitely two different podcasts all (...)

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BHHDE Episode #001: "Have You Ever Met Jimmy Fallon"

Ben answers a question about Jimmy Fallon and describes his history as a Saturday Night Live extra. He also talks of his days as a guitar player (...)

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BHHDE Episode #000: "Introduction"

The new podcast will be coming in a week or so, here's a short introduction about how everything's gonna work and what this whole podcast is (...)

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