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Tim and Simon are two very happy chappies from Shrewsbury, in the Shire, and Brain Spill is their creation. Brain Spill will give you an (...)
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Tim and Simon’s Brain Spill: Episode 19 – “The Assistant Is Coming For You”

BREAKING NEWS: Gang related crimes involving ghetto pandas are on the rise. The Crystal Maze gets a Jigsaw make-over. Rumours of a Tim and Simon (...)

  • Category: COMEDY
  • play episode http://brainspill.jellycast.com/files/audio/Tim%20and%20Simon%27s%20Brain%20Spill%20-%2019%20-%20The%20Assistant%20Is%20Coming%20For%20You.mp3

Tim and Simon’s Brain Spill: Episode 18 – “Court-Martialled for Being 12”

Discover the many pitfalls of operating a petrol station on a Mountain Dew overdose, cruelty to children, and some welcome additions to the world (...)

  • Category: COMEDY
  • play episode http://brainspill.jellycast.com/files/audio/Tim%20and%20Simon%27s%20Brain%20Spill%20-%2018%20-%20Court-Martialled%20For%20Being%2012.mp3

Tim and Simon’s Brain Spill: Episode 17 - "He Smashed Her Frog In"

This time around Tim and Simon discuss what it would feel like to have an intrusion of cockroaches, Tim decides he is Hugh Laurie and diagnoses (...)

  • Category: COMEDY
  • play episode http://brainspill.jellycast.com/files/audio/Tim%20and%20Simon%27s%20Brain%20Spill%20-%2017%20-%20He%20Smashed%20Her%20Frog%20In.mp3

Tim and Simon’s Brain Spill: Episode 16 - “You Know What It Does To Your Bones!”

Surely Tim and Simon can't do a running commentary for the royal wedding before the big day? No. They can't. But Tim uncovers his dark (...)

  • Category: COMEDY
  • play episode http://brainspill.jellycast.com/files/audio/Tim%20and%20Simon%27s%20Brain%20Spill%20-%2016%20-%20You%20Know%20What%20It%20Does%20To%20Your%20Bones.mp3

Tim and Simon's Brain Spill: Episode 15 - "And Then I Ate Some Ants"

Hello you! How nice of you to read this. Now, how about you click on the download button and acquire this gem of a podcast. Where else will you (...)

  • Category: COMEDY
  • play episode http://brainspill.jellycast.com/files/audio/Tim%20and%20Simon%27s%20Brain%20Spill%20-%2015%20-%20And%20Then%20I%20Ate%20Some%20Ants.mp3

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