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P O D C A S T :  Power 90: What is it and Does it Effectively Work?

Anyone that has struggled before to drop weight knows how difficult it is to discover a course that can garner results and keep the pounds coming (...)
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P90x Plus: The Next Level of P90x Build New Extreme-5 Workouts on 4 DVD-S

5 workouts on 4 DVD-s (1) space X Plus (2) Kenpo Cardio Plus (3) Upper Plus (4) whole body Plus; (5) ABS / Basic Plus. P90x Plus workouts are for (...)

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P90X Plus: The Next Level Builds P90X Extreme New-5 Workouts on 4 DVD-Th

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P90X: Tony Horton 90-Day Extreme Fitness Home Workout DVD Program

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