P O D C A S T :  The Art of Retouching

Video Tutorials of Photoshop Image Manipulation and Retouching. There are many professional image retouchers, professional retouching websites, (...)
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8Bit vs. 16Bit | Bit Depth | What is Tonal Range?

What is the difference between editing images in 8-bit or 16-bit? While it should be obvious that 16-bit color is significantly better than 8-bit (...)

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300 DPI Myth | What Are DPI, PPI & LPI | Printing for Photographers

The 300 DPI Myth | DPI, PPI, LPI | Commercial Printing for Photographers This video is available with Free For All. Running Time: 10 (...)

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Spot Healing Brush | Photoshop Beginner’s Tutorial

Nearly every image can benefit from Cloning or Healing. It could be removing flyaway hair, dust on the lens, skin blemishes, or any of the other (...)

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10 Things Still Missing in Photoshop CC for Retouchers

Photoshop is an amazing tool. Mindblowingly complex, but nearly flawless. Recently, Adobe announced all the new 2014 features for the Creative (...)

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Adjustment Layers | Photoshop Beginner’s Tutorial

Adjustment Layers work like tinted sheets of glass that you overlay on top of your image one at a time. It’s kind of like a tinted or colored (...)

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