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Ep. 338: Nuns on the Run with Dan McCoy

Writer and podcaster Dan McCoy joins Jordan and Jesse for discussion of the Creative Arts Emmys, Jesse's tailor, and a story from Jesse in (...)

  • Category: COMEDY
  • play episode https://cdn.simplecast.com/audio/2daff0/2daff0ef-e90f-47ef-a435-6baf5a589390/19a91562-5565-4d87-b19a-3075fe716a8b/jjgo140818-ep338_tc.mp3?aid=rss_feed&feed=NDAi3mtz

Ep. 341: Thirty-Five with Kulap Vilaysack

Podcaster and comedian Kulap Vilaysack joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of the top three things that are bothering Jesse, Jordan's (...)

  • Category: COMEDY
  • play episode https://cdn.simplecast.com/audio/2daff0/2daff0ef-e90f-47ef-a435-6baf5a589390/1b878550-2bd2-4a60-8387-a1b850f3eb56/jjgo140908-ep341_tc.mp3?aid=rss_feed&feed=NDAi3mtz

Ep. 340: Sexual Icons with Nate DiMeo

Writer and podcaster Nate DiMeo joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of the discussion of Space Jam, videos of people playing video games, and (...)

  • Category: COMEDY
  • play episode https://cdn.simplecast.com/audio/2daff0/2daff0ef-e90f-47ef-a435-6baf5a589390/0e150779-9581-476f-90e2-be775d910fd9/jjgo140901-ep340_tc.mp3?aid=rss_feed&feed=NDAi3mtz

Ep. 339: King Frizz with Matt Belknap

Podcaster Matt Belknap joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of hidden talents, business ideas, and Jordan's first ultimate frisbee (...)

  • Category: COMEDY
  • play episode https://cdn.simplecast.com/audio/2daff0/2daff0ef-e90f-47ef-a435-6baf5a589390/9506e961-bf1a-42cc-8c19-7f2a887ffb77/jjgo140825-ep339_tc.mp3?aid=rss_feed&feed=NDAi3mtz

Ep. 345: Saab Story with Chris Fairbanks, Asterios Kokkinos and Alie Ward

JJGo favorites Chris Fairbanks, Asterios Kokkinos and Alie Ward join Jordan for a discussion of Chris' mustache, Jordan's quest for a new video (...)

  • Category: COMEDY
  • play episode https://cdn.simplecast.com/audio/2daff0/2daff0ef-e90f-47ef-a435-6baf5a589390/652c0fb6-aafc-420c-b984-d04f377d1c85/jjgo141006-ep345_tc.mp3?aid=rss_feed&feed=NDAi3mtz

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