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The Siege of Mecca

In 1979 Islamic militants seized control of the Grand Mosque in Mecca, the holiest site in Islam. Hundreds were killed as Saudi security forces (...)

  • Category: RADIO-NEWS
  • play episode http://open.live.bbc.co.uk/mediaselector/5/redir/version/2.0/mediaset/audio-nondrm-download-low/proto/http/vpid/p05nbvlj.mp3

Botswana's Diamonds

Manfred Marx was the man who discovered the diamonds which transformed Botswana's economy. As a young geologist in 1967 his find in the Kalahari (...)

  • Category: RADIO-NEWS
  • play episode http://open.live.bbc.co.uk/mediaselector/5/redir/version/2.0/mediaset/audio-nondrm-download-low/proto/http/vpid/p05n87rv.mp3

The 'Disappeared' of Lebanon

Thousands of people went missing during Lebanon's long and brutal civil war. But in 1982 a group of women started an organisation to try to track (...)

  • Category: RADIO-NEWS
  • play episode http://open.live.bbc.co.uk/mediaselector/5/redir/version/2.0/mediaset/audio-nondrm-download-low/proto/http/vpid/p05n4tsw.mp3

The Windmill Theatre

A British national institution closed in October 1964. The Windmill Theatre had been one of the few places where it was possible to see naked (...)

  • Category: RADIO-NEWS
  • play episode http://open.live.bbc.co.uk/mediaselector/5/redir/version/2.0/mediaset/audio-nondrm-download-low/proto/http/vpid/p05n1ttz.mp3

The British Love Affair with Curry

Curry first became popular in the UK in the 1950s with the arrival of immigrants from South Asia. They introduced spicy food to the British diet. (...)

  • Category: RADIO-NEWS
  • play episode http://open.live.bbc.co.uk/mediaselector/5/redir/version/2.0/mediaset/audio-nondrm-download-low/proto/http/vpid/p05mxnjk.mp3

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